Bugs Nasty One's -_-

nasty bug fist of alll i sacrifice my gold for this

Ween u go near a enemy they will tilt evert time and the burn animation was crazzy ween u go nesn enemy while the enemy had the burn animation the red animtion will cover up the screen and optimization ween 15-20 appear’s on my screen the lag start not that much but annoying disconnected bug ween u get disconnect the screen turns black but not all u can still see Ui and the Ad lag my Phone sOo Baf plss fix this snd tnx for the mythstone and crystal chest

@SteigerBox please close this thread if he doesnt re correct his thread. No one can understand him so the thread might as well be closed.

Conclusion: Dont let 5 yr olds play games or this will come out. But (!) it IS pretty funny.

I think what he meant was when the enemy starts burning, the whole screen have the burning effects (Whole screen became orange) which happened to me too.And when 15 to 20 enemy were on fire, he had some lag.

@Refia i think this guy mean is the burning pillar effect/animation. in old forum i also ask for the effect/animation of burning thing . i think the flashy duration thing need to be reduced so the side effect if rapid flame pillar active not covering rhe whole screen.

#I already test this with vial. rapid pressing coat+primary attack (guidedshot) my whole screen is covered with flame pillar flash. no lag, no force close, no bug. but the flash~ burn my eyes.

This is known issue. Thanks for the report.
Writing bigger won’t speed up the bug fix! It’s unpolite aswell.

Ik this known issue. and the big size text. that thing i dont know lol. i use device mobile phone. and it doest have any way to edit the text size. it happen to my other reply too when i write long text and make it in other paragraph. the second paragraph will be in big size text. it is probably unnoticed change i guess. not mean to make it big, or intention to make it big. it just getting big by it self. lol seriously. replying using my device doest even give any extra features like emoji. (still thinking how to use emoji in my device) lol. anyway sorry if u feel it as i write it and want it big as i intend but the true i dont know about that. not try to be rude in ⇧ text that being big. and this reply also not try being rude.i just defense my self from your misunderstanding.


See that i use this kind device. no text size setting like regular device. ik how it look in regular device tho coz something i use my other device to reply text.

Oh, I see :smile:
Yes, the formatting for discourse is a little bit weird. It’s still funny, that it changed automatically to a heading.

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He was yelling at you bruh :smile: lol jk. @cronos4321 have your try a different web browser.