[BUILD] 1.7.0 Scattershot Rogue

Hi all,
So this is the 1.7.0 Scattershot rogue.

So firstly, the aim was to build on (pun intended) Dieter’s previous version Scattershot build, using the most
recent cap restrictions and affixes.
Credit to saikm for confirming the cap on Gold Find on gear was 650%.

The goal was to get as much damage from the Scattershot as possible while keeping most other areas respectably high.

So firstly the damage shots:


The damage was 103M to 170M
Critical damage was in the order of 600M to 900M.
Deadly Strike damage was anywhere from 1B to 2B (2.3B was highest with a damage shrine active on the level).

  • Note this was from a listed Scattershot damage of 26.26M

The equipment…

Sets included the usual suspects:

Blood Magic
Rage (Use a warrior armour and a Jasper etc)

And of course, the build required

Golden Veins

So that left one set affix.

Deadly Arts was the obvious choice as Deadly Strike would be maxed, granting Cooldown Reduction of 60% (for Scattershot)

Crystal Affixes

  1. +30-50% Critical Chance (for hitting 60% critical chance)
  2. +150-200% Gold Find
  3. +150-200% Gold Find
  4. +150-200% Gold Find
  5. +20-30% Deadly Strike
  6. +75-100% Total HP

To the legendary affixes!

Ignore Resist (a MUST have)
+100% Frostbiting (Of course)
+100% Frostbiting

  • 2 All Sets (I got the second +2 to all skills from socketing, alternatively get a second of these)
  • 2 All Skills (This makes it each to get your primary skill to 40 via even numbers, more later)

Mythstones socketing:

+4 All Skills (Mainhand)
+4 All Skills (Offhand)
+2 All sets
+10% Deadly Strike
+10% Deadly Strike
+10% Deadly Strike

Lastly the epic affixes:

So the weapon is as you see it.

The build required two +5 Scattershots to max it at level 40.
A single +50% Gold find to get to 650%
Lastly I needed 3 x +5000 HP to have a respectable HP total.
The remaining epics were +Ice Damage or +Ice Damage %
(For those of you wondering, 20% Ice damage is more damage than another +5000HP converted to damage via Golden Veins)

The Pet

I used a legendary pet with Permafrost and HP Leech.

It doesn’t really matter which pet, just take which ever one has one of the sets and the
most useful affixes. I recommend damage, health, Leech and anything you find useful.

One important thing is the Leech, you need some, if the pet doesn’t have some, swap out one of the epic affixes’ on your gear.
(With this kind of damage, one affix is enough, even leech nerf won’t worry you)

The same goes for talents, they don’t really make much difference to this build, Scattershot does all the work.
Bleeding is a good example, it assumes the enemy will survive your Scattershot in the first place. WRONG! :smile:


So to sum up this build has:

60% Critical Chance
350% Critical Damage
0% Attack Speed (which irrelevant since Scattershot uses Cooldown Reduction via Deadly Arts)
200% Frostbiting
94K Armor Rating
44% Dodge
37.5% Mana Absorb (Permafrost)
+10 All Skill Ranks
+4 All Set Ranks
30% Bleed Chance (talent)
7.4% Crushing Blow (Pet
60% Deadly Strike
140.4% HP
60% Cooldown
129k Hitpoints and 16.42M EHP
And 5 in all the sets.

A couple of points for those who are still reading :smile:

  1. Every now and then a Cartographer is unhittable with Scattershot, literally unhittable.
    So just blaze away with Ricochet, with this build it does up to 20M per hit anyway!

  2. Shifting all points from Power to HP takes the Scattershot DPS down by 3M and makes the HP
    220K and Armor Rating 150K ish. So you trade the damage for the HP, really its up to you, its not that expensive to respec so
    go that way if you need the EHP.

  3. There is still a bug with using Sapphires on certain affixes.
    I started with some legendary items with the affixes I wanted but lost some affixes when using Sapphires.
    You end up with a blank space where the affix should be. To get rid of the blank spot, you use a Kyanite crystal and
    remove an affix above the blank space. Then the others all move up. Unforunately it usually means you lose the set affix and
    have to put it back using Emeralds.

    This is why the legendary items shown have different affixes to the found ones.
    Some I just disenchanted and made from scratch so they sounded cool.
    So intead of a ‘Crystal Ring’, I have a custom ‘Cataclysm’:slight_smile:


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A fantastic build, many cudos to you sir :smiley:

change the nature of 2 evasion to greed to solve that 50 gold find

1 affix slot is really a big loss and can make a big difference though :I

[quote=“newb_player”]change the nature of 2 evasion to greed to solve that 50 gold find

1 affix slot is really a big loss and can make a big difference though :I[/quote]

Good thinking, however the way the affixes are calculated with the set bonuses means that
Gold Find added by the nature of items (eg ‘Of Greed’) doesn’t get added in the same manner.

So by changing 2 items to 'Of Greed" (losing 2 x ‘Of Evasion’ = -3% Dodge), and changing the epic affix +50% Gold Find to +10% Dodge,
you gain 7% Dodge, however you lose 6K HP and about 500K DPS.

So it’s a tradeoff, even though the stats page, still says 650% Gold Find.


doesn’t nature of the item included on the gold find calculation on the gear? :I

Can someone let me know how come his weapon is in BLUE color?
I’m on lvl 90 and my weapon still in red display.

[quote=“Calv1n”]Can someone let me know how come his weapon is in BLUE color?
I’m on lvl 90 and my weapon still in red display.[/quote]

Crystal items, crafted using obsidian :wink:

I’m currently using rouge right now. What her best weapon gun or bow and what her best secondary weapon?

It depends, you can make a solid case (and there are builds on here) for any primary weapon other than the daggers. Secondary choices are usually dependant upon your primary weapon play style, but the popular skills seem to be Stealth for survival, or Mirror Image for dmg output.

Seems like Scattershot is very used, just saw about 3 topics from 3 differents players for this playstyle, nice! :smile:
Well explained, the only missing thing would be a video, but even without it we can make our idea of your power, great :smile:

(PS : Thanks for the credit! :smile: )

Is 5000 weapon damage max cap? That what I got up to.
Can someone tell me some of the cap damage in this game.

[quote=“Calv1n”]Is 5000 weapon damage max cap? That what I got up to.
Can someone tell me some of the cap damage in this game.[/quote]
5000 is the maximum value for weapon damage affix.
We don’t have damage cap!

Is 15% attack speed is max? Also is does weapon nature depend on the affix you get? For example: Blessed, Wisdom, and Strength.

newbie question, how or where to find shakram of strenght?

All gears have Natures in them that grants works the same way affix does.

All gears of Rarity with the exception of Legend/Eternal gears will have a name of (Rarity/Weapon/Nature)

On legends, only its Unique name only exist and Nature.

Edit: I didnt get to explain where to get it in my post, didnt I?

Use a Crystal Stone named Beryl on a gear and it will prompt you to choose what nature you want to put in your gear. Check Codex > Dictionary > Nature to learn more about each natures.


tnx alot man, i really like that mythic shakram of strenght would u mind teaching me how to craft that thing? hihi

Warning: Make sure you have MORE THAN ENOUGH of the resources that ill discuss before performing this guide. Also do the guide strictly as poasible and dont skip on instructions. You might want to save your account into the cloud as a precaution.

Get Ragnarok(Rogue) as Base Weapon.
Use Emerald to increase gear Quality it to 25%. Important for MinMax rolls.
Use Peridot to increase Gear Level to 100. Also important for MinMax rolls.
Use Kyanite to make space by removing affixes EXCEPT Legend Weapon Dmg and Defiant. They cant be reobtained by any means once removed.
Use Zircon to add 4 Socket into Ragnarok.
Use a combination of Mythstones to add a mythic affix(Purple) into your Ragnarok.
Cyclone Recipe: Hero + Boon + Haste + Flight
Use Diamond on Ragnarok to attempt to max the roll of Legend Weapon Damage to +200%(+199% - +195% are also acceptable).
Use Topaz to get +5000 Weapon Damage and +2 EAC.
If the Weapon Damage is not max rolled, use Flourite to manually roll them each until max/near max is achieved.

Your Chakram should look like this:
< Cyclone >
+200% Weapon Damage
+5000 Weapon Damage
+2 EAC
Affix #6

The 6th affix is where the Crystal Affix will be added(like set affix, only one crystal affix is allowed). Before you do this research first what relevant affix you should look for. Only a certain number of Crystal affixes are available and once you put one(Crystal affix) on a gear, youll have a very very hard time removing it with crystal stones.
Check this site: https://dungeonquest.fandom.com/wiki/Crystal_Affixes

One more note is that if you have a Crit Chance affix for example in your gear and you have used Obsidian into it, you’ll never get the option to get its Crystal affix.

Tip: Often youll get crappy choices with Obsidian(Usually affixes you dont want like Reduced cost, Mp Leech, etc.), in that scenario, do not choose any options and force close the game. Doing this action still consumes the Obsidian but what matters is that your gear doesnt have any Crappy Crystal affix into it. Repeat the process until the affix of choice appears.

Hope this helps you.


this is gonna help me alot start farming now for ragnarok hihihi, tnx a lot man

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For now I will farm for the mythic rqgnarok, hmmm what about the bomb? which bomb should i use amber? This is my current weaponScreenshot_20200406-063535|690x345

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Try this build:
Mainhand: Plunderbuss
Offhand: Wrathful Winter
Armor: Nadroji Robe
Helmet: Icicle Crown
Ring: Stone of Nadroji
Amulet: Nadroji Crystal

Gear Quality
Rolls of Affixes

Base Level to 100.
Element to Ice.
Added Epic Goldfind Affix
Added Epic +10 Scattershot
Amber on Offhand for Taunt

Check Dust unlock/craft requirements first before proceeding. If dust is insufficient to unlock/craft then do not proceed.

Map: Level 200 Mythic 3

1min vid: http://imgur.com/a/nrhl4W3

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