Build advice, pve

Hi, im re working a pve high floor farming build, and basicly it works off of discordance and twister and the electrical element, the idea being that twisers can be cast so many times they begin to stack stupid numbers and create a long range aoe stun lock that lets my hireling do the heavy lifting and kill them if their to tanky for my initital atacks to turn into minced spageti. And i have teleport and smoke bomb for extra survivalbility. Im trying to decide what to do with one of my weapons slots, i want some thing that would pair nicely with the play style described above that gives a ludicrous amount of extra damage. Any ideas? Any how i hope you all have a wonderfull day.

do you have multi attack and/or extra attack chance? these would increase the damage of the twisters since you’re using Discordance.

add 1 or 2 explosion affixes. with that many twisters, those explosions should be happening pretty often, adding extra DPS. also, explosions have the same chance to chain as the original explosion.

maybe add a Twister Proc… it will do damage as if it was a Special and also it’s already boosted by the Twister Skill Points you used on the Discordance Twister. but it’s affected by Cooldown instead of Attack Speed.

or put Cosmic Orb on your MH, that way it will go into the enemies taunted by your twisters…

considering this is a high floor Farm Build, space is a rarity for affixes. maybe switch to Fire & Crushing Flames & Shock duo Build.

Which afixes would give me explosions other than frozen? Also how are you doing golem? Been awhile.

And which would do better, the extra atack chance or explosions? I have considered both before.

the extra attack chance can be put on a weapon with a Myth Stone for +4, or use one or two Epic EAC for +2 or +4 EAC. EAC is 50% chance for an extra attack that does 100% of the Twisters damage. the Multi attack is +2 or +4 extra attacks that do 50% damage each.

Legend Explosive +400% MH weapon damage (+2000% cap) has a 5% chance for each attack to cause an explosion, and each explosion has a 5% chance to cause another explosion, so sometimes you can get a nice chain of explosions. Wizard Magnify and Legend +2 yard AoE affect the explosions Aoe.

so Multi Attack is extra constant damage.
EAC is extra constant damage that can flow up and down, as it’s a chance to get from 0 to 4 extra attacks.
Explosive is more for spike damage with an AoE. I use this on some builds for the AoE and extra DPS it can give, even if I only use one (sometimes I’ll use two, while some player builds might go to cap for high spike damage).

@Socretese doing well. I’ve decided to get my other 3 Characters to Eternal Rank with all 6 Perks. It’s kind of fun learning some new things about skills I don’t normally use.

I have considered eventualy makeing a summon army build. My selfm but its good to see you doing well. Wait, dose investing points in the orb heroic skill increase cosmic orb damage? :thinking:

no, only the Orb Skill. to increase the damage of Cosmic Orb (or any other Mythic Weapon Skill Proc) you can use

  1. Mythical Mythic - +25% Mythic Skill Damage.
  2. Legend Mythology Affix - +50% Mythic Skill Damage (can be +100% with both Mythical Set Items, up to +200% if have both Eternal Mythical Set Items).
  3. Maelstrom Set - Increase damage of all Procs (Mythic Weapon Skills are also Procs) by +7.5% per Rank.
  4. Mayhem Set - Increase damage by +2.5% per Rank for each different Proc on build and a +2% per Rank chance for attacks to stun. this one would be used if you were going for a Proc Build with 3 or more Procs, Mythic and/or Legend.