[Build] Chakram Poison 245 (video fl 2k)


First, I want to say… I’m very bad English, sorry. I used google translate :v

This is my build with Chakram ver2.4.5
it is very good fl 2k ( video fl 2001 )
You will see 90% dmg Billion

1.Note: Survival
Use Stealth [ver2.4.5]: 75% CD (+5 epiphany), 40 Stealth. 45% dodge
My rogue have 35% + 10% (affix).
[(45%x2)+ 10%] = 100% DODGE while stealthed {with 20 talent Veil} … 100% dodge very good for high fl, but…halves dmg :sob:
2.Set affix
…Druidic + Plagued: inc regen and high dmg dmgggg.
Mp regen ~ 20k. Hp regen ~ 4k = 24k regen => poison dmg x6 (+ plagued 125%dmg P)
…Cosmic power: 125% mp regen…dmg poison. I’m very lucky…pet cosmic power with 30% CD
…Equality: inc 37% mp regen and dmg :sogood:
…Adventure: 37% dmg and MS… you can use pathfinder…62%dmg total dodge…stealth x2 dodge @@ 100% with my build, more dmg…
…Demonic: + crushing blow…very good
(demon+crushing+ talen relentless… NICE)
…Epiphany: 75% CD
Brutal: Deadly strike…x3 crit dmg
Empyrean: 50% dmg of element crit
4. Crys, legen affix…

Hero point: max power 299
Nature: strength, 225+75+60=360% critdmg
Heroic: 20 stealth, 20 whirblade, dexterity intelligence, strength

Update: u can don’t use mythic empyran. add 30% element crit or ele crit dmg,… (you choice)


@4evertin thumbs up its really a good build. What bomb gives 100% Ed?


Wario…sr, my english :sob:


@4evertin tnx no prob


nice build
BG music please :smiley:


“BG” mean? I don’t understand, sr my bad english
music name Far Away-mk2


BG just means background :slight_smile:

Like BGM. Most companies call their music in the game “BGM” which stands for Background Music.


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thanks :smile:

thank you for explaining even I have a mistake




How to get this Affix from Amulet “Regeneration”?


Find Unity Amulet with Equality Set affix and Poise Ring.

Found at above floor 20 which should be very straightforward and at any difficulty. Farm as much as you can to find them if you like.


Thanks, I already found several of these but I never noticed the Affix :sweat:


any update of this build sir ?


Ha alguma atualização sobre esta construção ?