Build help and questions pls

Im currentlylvl99 with an ice-tornado-frostbite-glasscannon-empower archmage, you probably know ha he build isnt that bad, its decent in acts 1,2, &4, butits inefficientin act 3 (still hits for 1mil crits),im still at floor 180s power 8

I wuld like to ask for help fr other builds, like legendary combos/skillbuild etc for fire elments that you guys roll with

Question 1: is thre a cap for maximum target for tornado,ivenoticed thatpullingisnt very effective since they onlyget pulled and dont get damaged

Question 2 : isthere a confirmed list of “available X suffix for Y equipment” would be nice to know to save alot of reroll time.

Thats all for now, will update wih my build if ayone is interested

Saved spot for later