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It’s time I actually put together a new build. I’m in desperate need. I can’t get past floor 215 on mythic 2 w/out dying. I’m surprised I manged to get this far considering how crappy [Understatement] my setup is.

Yeah, I’m ashamed but that aside, Which MH weapon would be best? Wand, Guantlet, Staff, or Sword? Because my current one isn’t doing it for me anymore.

Hello, I don’t know much, but you could use your hero points in the skills you use to increase your damage, among other things.

Get reclaim and recall talents for skull shield and summon procs ( chance to get skull shield and spirits regardless of equipped items. ). Get 12 to all skills and talents and 4 all sets. Get block and dodge on items. Try apocalypse weapon ( see mythic section in codex ). Check apocalypse and Chimera builds on here for ideas and others

Thank you! I will

Try to use Ragnarok from Rogue, use a Jasper and convert for a staff. :relaxed:

Definitely check the sets section of the codex to have a look at all the possible set affixes. Use rubies to experiment with legend affixes and amethyst for the set affixes.

Also your biggest first priority is to make a farm build fairly different to this build and spam farm floor 101-200 for the best gold and item drops. Floors below 101 or above 200 have severely deminished item drops from enemies and enemies on top of that are harder but at least at floor 500, you can get +5 tier rarity in crystals for easier finds of ultra rare crystals if you don’t have treasured perk or eternalized. Floor 500 very easy is a good priority since crystals never cared about difficulty.

For farming build , do it on a difficulty where you can instant kill enemies from floor 101-200 for eg. Make sure you have very high item drops, luck, some gold find to afford for ascensions.

Also quest stones for an exp farm build which can easily be got at floor 500 or so. Quest mythstones.

As well as this , look into Mythics. Easy unlock here:

Most definitely choose a Resource Mythic since any part of the character can use them. Blood magic counts but its not the best idea. I would recommend Energy Mythic for doubled damage provided you attack a lot. Discordance + multi attack and special attack to really buff special skills as long as your primary skill is high damage like Gauntlet.

As far as damage , Gauntlet has highest BWD which can be translated into both MH primary skills and special skills. Choose hero points into fortune 20 for good farming and 20 into your special skill as well as make sure to have 200% WD on said Gauntlet , 4+ All sets (A good place to start is nadroji ring and amulet or Elixir Mythstone per jewellery).

Invest in Power 99 (never put into mana or HP unless arena for best damage in campaign unless it helps with resource mythic) as well.

You can change special skill by using Amber crystal as well. Jasper to change other class items to your own class for some great advantages too.

Add 25% quality per weapon for best rerolls and damage , 200% WD, max power, hero points to your special skill, 100%-300% ED on gear (100% shock damage in your case) , invest in nature using beryl crystal (greed for gold find , luck for luck, elements for ED%, strength for crit DMG, et) ; make sure to experiment with Obsidian crystal or find a crystal legend to get 225% crit DMG and 45% crit chance , use dodge and block , add Legend affix 50% glasscannon .

As far as sets. Well you can research into what set affixes you can use. For shock, I would use Electrocution set and Demonic set combo or shock + vampiric touch for bleed , also 100% High voltage up to 300% high voltage.

For general damage sets, use Momentum + move speed , Defiant for easy 25% DMG increase and a further 25% increase when almost dead , Pathfinder to increase DMG when you invest a lot in dodge , Rage set to increase crit DMG when you have high crit chance , demonic to increase DMG by 100% to combine with the 250% increased DMG (50% per stack debuff) on electrocution with enemies at low HP, explosive 400% legend affix if you like explosions. Angelic great for increasing Attack Speed along with attack speed affixes for primary skills.

If using orb, you can use Reactor set to make orb have a reaching range if you want to and extra damage, aftermath for Meteor and Shatter for movement and damage.

Also if you do find legends with Push the Limit , use them. Push the Limit increases all MH and OH damage by 50% which is much more than just 50% glasscannon since it affects your base damage entirely. You can also use 50% Barbarian with plenty of mana to halve.

Anyway just don’t be afraid to experiment , farm as much as you can without hesitation on a easy floor below floor 200 or easy mode floor 500 , do as many ascensions as possible , look into codex if you’re not sure what a term or affix means when their description isn’t as clear and keep it up.

I wouldn’t advise floor climbing until you at least established the farming basics to get resources easier or easily. Floor climbing to 500 for very easy mode to farm crystals is OK however but as always in a farm build , make sure to have lots and lots of Item Drops% which can be done by legend affix or Fortune Mythstone.

Another tip; Don’t try to mix farm build with PvP build and floor climbing build as you WILL have difficulties maintaining it. For farming, focus on farming with some damage. For floor climbing, focus only on damage as well as dodge, block and movement and using things such as stun, freeze , taunt or fear to disorientate enemies.

For PvP, only do what is best for PvP such as use shock, focus a lot on damage reduction and HP because it matters unlike in high floor campaign with some damage. Do PvP when you can afford crystals easier too.


one thing I have learned is that I need different builds for different jobs. Ascending build needs 200% experience gain, with some farming affixes and the rest is enough affixes to smash monsters on floors 101-110. that is because experience from monsters maxes out at level 100. (yes, I did an experiment, and this is true) by the time you are done Ascending, you should have enough loot for…
Farming build. this build has lots of Luck and Gold find, and Fortune skill if you need it, and Item drop affixes if you need them too. all the other affixes are to help you farm floors 1-1,000 without dying too much. this build will get you a lot of loot so you can build…
PVE/Climbing build. this build is all about damage and defense, so that you can climb as far as you can. this build doesn’t need farm affixes, because farm affixes don’t kill monsters or keep you alive. there are a few Set affixes that need gold find or luck to be effective, but that is up to you.
plan your build ahead of time, so that when you make it, if it still doesn’t seem right, you only have to change a few things instead of getting rid of the whole build and starting over.
@CuzegSpiked has a lot of good advice in his post that will help. :wink:
if you like using minion type builds, use affixes that make your minions strong, and don’t forget your own survival, your minions will become helpless if you die.
and some of the affixes that power up your minions can power up 1 of your weapons, because sometimes, your minions are so busy, a monster can sneak by them and attack you, so you should be ready for that.
the reason you should plan your build is that when you get your item quality to 25%, that is when you can start maxing out your affixes values, or at least getting them as high as possible. also, seeing your plan on paper or a spread sheet, you might get an idea that only needs a pencil and eraser to change, instead of a lot of crystals.
lastly, while I was Ascending, and now Farming, I am learning a lot about what the different Affixes do and how they can work together. the Farming build I have now has been tweaked a lot, but it is still usable. it has gotten up to 550+, but I die a lot on some maps, and it is slow getting through the maps. I want to make Golem’s Ultimate Farming Build, but I am still learning so much with the build I have now, I am in no hurry to make it yet. I am farming floor 420 M3 for now. some of the 420 maps are easy, and some are hard, depends on the monsters and map affixes.
@geminiqueen, I hope your build becomes stronger, and the monsters show you the respect you have earned. :smile_cat:


And when you can craft a sanctuary amulet for your farming wizard as it will save you money in the long run. Don’t neglect your pets. You can craft usefully affixes on them

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Thank you all for the great advice. I’m going to work on a farming build! I’ve been winging it since I started playing sigh

I’m using gauntlet, Minions and I’ll switch out my Tome for a skull weapon [while using mythstones/crystals] - if I can get the higher legends / Eternal items [Hence, I need a farming build for better item drop %'s because my total item drop is at 195%

Believe me I used to do that as well for 1 year of playing so I was newbie for a long while but then I got really good after learning a lot.

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winging it is a good time to learn how to play without stressing out on how to make a monster build. I was winging it for a long time, until I got serious about getting all the Perks. I just used random items until I could get a few Legend items to power up for farming, then I started to craft the Legend items I had so they did a better job of getting experience, then I started working on powering up their defense and attack. by then, I had 3 of my original Legend items, but all the affixes were changed, and 3 Nadroji items (I messed up one of them, and needed a third one to fix the mistake). I basically farmed for experience at floor 110. I did the regular maps when I wanted to smack around the Malum boss, and the Challenge maps when I wanted extra loot and experience. along the way, I learned about the different Normal/Epic affixes, making Mythic items, converting for CS/MS to get certain affixes and myth stones on my gear, Set affixes, and the amazingness of Crystal affixes, and the difficulty of getting Legend affixes from Ruby’s and drops.
now, my Ascending build did great at floor 110 M3, but on floor’s 180+, it started to do less well, which is why I stayed at 110 for experience. my farming build number 3 is doing well at floor 420 M3, and has gotten up to floor 560ish, but it isn’t doing well. I have tweaked my farm build as much as I can, and now I just need enough loot and stuff to make Golems Ultimate Farming Build, which I hope can farm as far as floor 1,010. by then I can make my climbing build, and see how far it can go before I have to rebuild it to go higher.