Build help?

I need help w/ my build (PVE, Floor 150+)
Should I use crystal affixes on all my other equipment? Or should I just change my entire build to mythics, clearing floors is easy but I’m afraid that my dps might suddenly drop at higher floors, and BTW these affixes are a mess and I also need to know if they’re good or should I reroll the stats xD that’s why I need help because I want a build that’ll last in the long run

Crystal affixes tend to be more powerful than Mythic affixes, if you have the right mix for your build. each one is worth 3 Epic affixes (+15% Attack Speed - Epic versus +45% Attack Speed - Crystal). so instead of 3 spaces for 3 Epic affixes, you just need 1 space for 1 Crystal affix for the same benefit.

on the other hand, if you plan your build the right way, 1 or more Mythic Affixes can really power up your build also.

usually, 5-6 Crystal affixes and any Mythic affixes that you feel would do your Build the best.

soon you are going to want +4 All Sets. this way, if you have 6 different Set Affixes, they will all be Set Affix (5). for example, your Equality Set would give you +37.5% damage and all regen of your HP/MP Equality percentage, instead of the +7.5% you are getting now.

for survival, Health, Armor, and Resistance become less effective the higher up the floors you go, and Dodge, Block, and Sanctuary become more useful.

just for damage, I would replace the +2 extra attack chance on the gauntlet with +100% Epic Weapon damage, and have your Power Stat around 50.

also, the way Equality Set works, the bigger the difference between Health & Mana, the lower the damage & regen % is. if you have HP 80 and MP 100, your Equality % is 80%. 80%, or 0.8, times 7.5 is 6. so you would be +6% damage and all regen instead of the +7.5% you have now, for example.

this will help you in the short term, and what you learn in making changes will help you to understand what kind of changes you will need in the long term, or even what kind of a totally new build would be needed.

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Hahaha first look of your items I know you are a beginner player​:rofl::rofl::rofl: well we’ve start on that point here some of my suggestion…

  1. First you need to know what is the use of every crystal and mythstone…

  2. There is affix that you cannot obtained by using the crystal. Example weapon damage % (legend affix)

  3. That color green stats like druic, spirit master you should make it (5) by using the mythstone.

  4. You should know the list of combination of mythic affix and add it on your items.