Build Ideas

My main character, my level 99 rogue chakram build, Ircher, has great stamina (20k+ hp) and great damage output. On the other hand, it has it weaknesses: mainly attack speed – It just doesn’t compare.

Recently, using my 4th character slot, I have built a Rogue bow user, 0xFF0000, who is currently level 51. The damage is way less than my chakram build overall, but uses the pre-legend-change pathfinder set. Furthernore, it has 60% dodge and 3% move speed (perhaps I’ll post actual statistics later). Since 4 pieces pathfinder == Damage Taken reduced by 50% of dodge, that means that 30% of the damage I take is reduced by pathfinder alone!! This greatly increases the build’s survival rate despite having 7k hp. Furthermore, the damage per pierced helps to really increase damage. Imagine the power at 60 heroic (24 right no) and lv 99 plus lv 90+ gear (one of the gear is lower than lv 99)!

My point is that you sometimes have to experiment – don’t be afraid of trying new stuff. Of course, the newer pathfinder set isn’t as great (imo) as the old one, but it’s still effective. You never know what might work well!

Only if you are lucky since it had 2 random affixes!

Only if you are lucky since it had 2 random affixes![/quote]
The entire old set had 4 random affixes if I remember right. Looking at my gear – 3 of those 4 were sockets, 1 of them is a hp leech (well, hp on hit now).

Anyway, I won’t post the build until 1.9 as I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises.