Build Making Poison knightscharge Warrior Help!

Hello guys !
I am back again !

I am actualy looking to make a build similar to this one : Poison Knightscharge Warrior Farming Build with Hireling - Mythic 3 lvl 600 with Epiphany
But the fact is that I am actually stuck on getting a last item : a Nadroji robe…
Shall I put difficulty back to Epic in order not to get those items you can only get on mythic floors ?
Btw if you have any suggestion on replacing a ring of epiphany, tell me please ! I am currently running with an average ring and won’t get any epiphany set in a while since I doesn’t have Nadroji’s robe yet … :frowning:
Also, I would like to know if it’s normal that I don’t get any crystals of the last crystal stash line, even from reconverting legends !
Pictures will come soon :wink:

I also have to confess : is that a crime using the download - upload method in order to get the affix I’d like since I don’t have many super rare crystals ? :smile:m

For me atleast - more often than not - its rare to get crystals from the buttom line of the crystal sash, by converting legend items. At rare occasions, they will convert to said crystals.
Also rare - but more often - Eternal(green) or Crystal(blue) will convert to high-end crystals. That said - it is definately not EVERYTIME.

Haha thx so I’m not the only one in this case !
But this is no problem, I mean, isn’t it what makes this game’s longevity somehow ? :slight_smile:

I would say yes:P
At the moment - I used all my rubys, ametysts and obsidian - trying to make items for my rogue - with no success - so now I’m just farming again to make another attempt:P
That said - I can only recommend making 1 character of each class if you can afford to pay for the extra character slot. It gives me something to do - and a way to switch around, when I need to farm a class-specific item for a character of another class.
The drop-chances just seems way way way too low, if you aren’t grinding for the drop with either your main or a hireling on the specific class the item is designed for.

Also - if a good item drops - I allways have a class that can use it for something:)

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