[Build] Plagued Tanker

Hello! I want to show you my build. It is using 2 elixer ms so go farm! :smile:.
Hero points: 20 strenght 20 intelligence 20 barrage 20 storm 20 skull shield (or skulldraga)
Stats on ep8 floor 200:

Items (part 1):

(I am not good at english bro!)

Items (part 2):

(I am not good at english bro!)

looking good so far… u should reroll the hat to get HP up. also u should try out cosmic power it will double your mp

Ok :smile: this is first version of this build

(I am not good at english bro!)

why health? why not mana to get bonus resist? since ypu are lredy using blood magic?

When i dont using blood magic i dont have any bonus resist.

(I am not good at english bro!)

armor just 49.3k, i dont think this build can be named tanker…
comicpower and bloodmagic and plagued
you should have a try.
and ring could use talent astral…
my english is not good too…

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As said sooner, it would be better if you had more armor :smile:

+1 to more armor

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