[BUILD] Redrum Warrior


can someone name a chest, a ring, and a amulet with legend affix %elemental damage

i need a ring, amulet, and a chest with that affix and tell me where to find it and what floor plz :grinning:

also if you use a garnet to remove a mythstone from an item do i get it back cause elixir on a piece of equipment, thxs guys


Chest with ed%: Aether Wrap. Nadroji chest was previous option until Nadroji bonus was added to the game.

Ring with ed%: Cognition Ring.

Amulet with ed%: Entropic Jewel and Frightening Choker amulets . Frightening Choker which is haunting amulet is found in rogue. The entropic jewel is a wizard item as well as cognition ring and aether wrap.

Head even has ed%. Good example is Aether hat. Also another one is Epiphany apex hat but that has a bonus which works for some but not all builds. Both from wizards.

Offhand with ed% are defiant gear called Insolence which can be skull, hatchet, trap, mirror, manashield and even born. Also a shield called frozen shield gained at floor 1000 which has the elements set but you can get ed% on it as a shield, smoke bomb or orb. Although for some builds, wd% on offhands can be better.

Main hand weapons also have ed% although wd% on it is generally better depending on the build in PvE. Such is the defiant item called mutiny which can come in gauntlet, bow, axe, flintlock,wand and lance. Also you can get ed% on slicer, dagger and hammer from crystalline as well as Eternalized legends from its wands, Lance’s and flintlocks. Though there is ed% on Chakram, staffs nd warrior swords but at floor 1000 as the set elements sword.

Also seven deadly sins gear does have ed% but for most builds, SDS is best not used. It has negative affixes but also with dependant affixes and a set that needs all 7 or so gear to be in full effect but it does have ed% as well as many other affixes if you like that kind of build.


Hello, need a little help with my ice build
is frostbiting even good? I mean you only deal 100% more damage to frozen enemies plus if you have the set affix frozen then the enemy is going to explode anyway and clear the whole pack, its not like high voltage where the effect could be implied to numerous amount of mobs as usually you get a enemy or two frozen in an icicle and kill it to explode it, does using something like legend affix explosion better in terms of usefulness and damage?

plus what is better legend affix 100% weapon damage or 100% elemental damage-poison, shock, ice, fire
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Frostbiting is extremely good. It means 100% more damage to enemies meaning your Dmg will be doubled to frozen enemies and what really makes it so powerful is that frostbiting applies to each and every Frozen explosion and the damage spikes up in crits and deadly strikes or normal damages. The more frostbiting, the better of course.

High voltage is also similar effect to frostbiting but it make you deal effectively double damage at 100% high voltage. Shock doesn’t have a multiplying set but high voltage does apply to every Explosive affix explosion (if the explosion constantly explodes and maybe if the enemy is dead) for spike damage and bleed spiking up along with stack debuff. The enemies need to be stunned though from paralyze or other form of stun to actually apply. It’s definitely useful for sure :smile:

On weapon, 100% WD may be better than 100% ED but you apply more 100% ED on gear as you can add that anywhere (not from Ruby crystal but from found legends).

A great guide to better explain may be this guide below but generally, WD% on weapon I think is very big on damage as the WD is what is multiplied by ED and 100% WD increase the base dmg by 100%. This also means more damage when multiplied by ED% afterwards and more DMG overall.


Frozen means when a monster is impale by an icicle or just being hit by an ice element weapon and turn blue?
plus if I have space is frostbiting on every piece of gear a good idea and is there such thing as an legend WD% for gun for rogue or is it just legend ED% ?
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Frozen means when there’s an icicle on the enemy and the enemy cannot move.

The frozen enemies don’t explode until you have the Frozen Set affix and with that set affix, if enemies die when frozen, they explode the damage it took to kill them +125% of that to another enemy and then +100% or more frostbiting and the cycle repeats.

You only really need 3-4× frostbiting but you can have more 100% frostbiting , up to 600% without eternals.

There is no Flintlock with 100% WD Unfortunately but one with 100% ED is still pretty good. Also flintlock deal lots more damage when you have more bullets and APS. If you shoot so many bullets, that can make up for the lower base damage and lack of 100% WD% but if you really want WD% on pistol, 50% WD Mythstone is one to try out .


guys i have been trying to hunt for insolence, on the legend codex it states its found past 200 drop by powerful enemies

i want to clarify what is the definition of powerful enemies? epic and above or what?

if it is epic or above if i hunt on floor 201 and farm by killing epic enemies i will eventually get it right?


Epic, Legend, Mythic enemies (not bosses). Floor 200 would work.


Powerful enemies means Epic Enemies, Legend enemies and Mythic enemies. When it says only drops from powerful enemies, you have a chance of getting the Insolence from those enemies.

This means it will drop from Cartographer and Enslaver (they are epic enemies), Epic shrine enemies with the epic enemies that can appear near cartographer or end of floor, legend and mythic enemies. Spamming the shrine = high chance of getting the legend you want :slight_smile: .

Also, since it says found past floor 200, it means you can get insolence at floor 200 AND above. Good luck :thumbsup: .
Floor 200 is rich in gold as well as many legends dropping, EXP gain and a lot of rare legends given enough time (insolence for example) which is why it’s my favourite floor to farm and the floor I’ve farmed since I’ve first round floor 200.


thx usually if you grind for an item which drop from powerful enemy how long does it take you to get it? Is 200 epic enemies about enough for you to obtain it?
what are tips for grinding for a single item from a vast pool of items you can get in the game?


take the advice given, floor 200 or 201 is your best bet, grind it, make a hunter mythic, and grind some more… this game is a farm fest, keep plugging away until you get it.


guys if you are making a rogue flintlock freeze build what 7 set affix would you have including pets that focus on dps
for the crystal affix weaken 90% does it mean you deal 90% more dmg?
whats better 50% barbarian or 100% legend elemental damage ice, fire, shock, etc
what whats generally better barbarian, push the limits, or glass-cannon?