[BUILD] Redrum Warrior


This is an overview of my latest build, and the first one I am releasing.

From the beginning, I have played an Ice Whirlwind Warrior. I wanted to create a new, distinct build with two strict conditions:

  1. It had to use the underused, “inferior” skills/talents.
  2. It had to use an underused, “inferior” element.

The result, my Redrum Warrior:


MH: This is a stat stick, it’s only an axe because it looks cool to dual wield axes, and it’s red. Nature - Elements.

OH: I went with a hatchet for Toss as a main skill as it fit in my overall planning. Special skill was changed to Taunt to group enemies and escape from being surrounded, giving a clear exit path. I also tried Stealth, and it’s a viable replacement. Nature - Elements.

Helm: Talent - Lacerate (40). This is the first underused talent, and a focal point of the build. Enemies still aren’t lasting long, but I’ve seen 1B+ bleed ticks. Nature - Haste.

Chest: Talent - Fustigate (40). Immobilizing enemies and straight avoidance (as opposed to mitigation) is another major point of the build. If I can’t be hit, I can’t be killed. Nature - Haste.

Ring: Talent - Suffering (40). Chance to miss fits overall avoidance theme. Nature - Haste.

Amulet: Talent - Prayer (20). Toss is my main attack, making it free to use from Blood Magic, and negating any need for leech. Nature - Haste.

Pet: This is cycled for different needs. Mostly I use Scout for Pathfinder as it lets me survive high Skyfall maps, the only real issue I have.


Blood Magic - Best set imo.
Living Force - Thrown build, thrown set.
Ballista - See above. ^
Rage - Boosts armor, which in turn caps Crit DMG.
Momentum - Move speed was important for avoidance anyway. Makes sense.

Hpoint Distribution (in order of importance):

Toss: 20
Dexterity: 20
Strength: 20
Intelligence: 20
Remainder would most likely be best in Taunt, but as I’m still settling on a special, I’m just going with Fortune for now.

Key Synergies:

Blood Magic + Prayer gives free attacks and heals.
Living Force + Ballista boosts main DMG source.
Lacerate + Suffering aids in avoidance.
Shock DMG (ele crit) + Fustigate provides survivability.
Lacerate + Fustigate make him red. Red looks awesome (hence the name REDrum; murder spelled backwards)! :smiley:

Capped Stats:
Attack Speed
Crit Chance
Crit DMG
Deadly Strike
Bleed Chance (on Toss)

I’m aware that the damage can easily be cranked WAY up, but it’s simply not needed. I’ve seen 10B hits and 1B bleed ticks, and I don’t even have qualities maxed or all affixes max rolled yet.

I’m currently going strong at 700+ M3 with this, and I see no reason for it to slow down.

Here’s a gameplay video of it on floor 727 M3. It was a TnT map, and I think that’s what caused the death.

Diieter needed numbers, so here are some. I made sure to show bleed ticks also. Bleeds can go much higher, but there’s some averaging 50M. There’s some Toss Deadly Strikes up to 3B towards the end.

Hope you enoyed, comment/discuss/question/suggest freely.


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Key changes in newer version:

NEW OH WEAPON: The redesigned Scorpio is AMAZING for any Toss build. I did alter it a bit just because a few of its affixes were already present elsewhere. When/If I ever get an Eternal Scorpio, it will be the weapon of choice and other gear will be changed to accommodate its natural affixes.

LEGEND AFFIX HIGH VOLTAGE: A huge damage buff which affects stunned enemies, and this build has multiple ways to stun. I have added only 1 for now, two would definitely be better, but again waiting for an Eternal Scorpio to do the next major overhaul.

SUBSTITUTED DEADLY ARTS FOR PATHFINDER: Pathfinder was used mainly as a way to survive high Skyfall. Although Deadly Arts is useful for CD reduction for Taunt, it’s just a side effect. The Damage Reduction in this build is gonna be 60%, a big increase over what Pathfinder was providing. Still greatly beneficial at floor 1k m3 for only one affix slot.

ADDED 7th SET, VAMPIRIC SET: With Vampiric set being redesigned, it fits much better in this build now. Adding to Bleed Dmg, a focal point, plus providing more HP and another source of healing, it’s multifaceted.

+5 ALL TALENTS MS’s: The MS was updated from +4 to +5. I changed two of the +5 Berserker legend affixes to this since those talents will remain at the same level, but now it provides +10 to my Prayer plus any talents I might get from my current Pet.


With Mythic redesign, Mythics gained a huge amount of value.

EFFECTIVE: This replaced Ignore Resist as it does IR’s job and additionally provides a dmg boost to all enemy element types.

SANCTUARY: I feel dmg mitigation is for the most part useless, damage avoidance is better. Since this build survives due to dodge, block, miss and enemies being stunlocked almost entirely, they are bound to fail at some point. With Sanctuary, they can fail once every 30 seconds and you will be just fine.

RUPTURED: Chest pieces have great options for Mythics which provide big dmg buffs. I went with Ruptured just to stay with the bleed theme. Exposed or Skilled could be substituted here with only VERY minor differences.

1002 m3 Legend Map:

1011 m3 Legend Map with just the Carto trying to show some numbers:

1016 m3 Bleed damage:

I think that covers most big changes. Any questions on anything, don’t hesitate.

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Want to enlighten me on your process to get perfect rolls on crystal affixes?

Sure, I’ll share my secret. It’s complicated though…

I use Diamonds. :smile:

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I like it, particularly the theme.

Making use of those talents with toss is a nice change from a CCWB build.


Sure, I’ll share my secret. It’s complicated though…

I use Diamonds. :smile:[/quote]

Does it also involve two devices?


I like it, particularly the theme.

Making use of those talents with toss is a nice change from a CCWB build.

Thanks. CCWB is what exactly? [emoji12]

Sure, I’ll share my secret. It’s complicated though…

I use Diamonds. :smile:[/quote]

You sir are a genius :mrgreen:

@rubik : This template is well thought, each item at its own place, also I would know where you found your flying dog? :unamused:

Kidding, nice build tho, hope you’re gonna explain it a bit more :smile:

Ahm, can i ask something, since you are using bleed damage, why not using vampiric touch?

[quote=“Diieter”]@rubik : This template is well thought, each item at its own place, also I would know where you found your flying dog? :unamused:

Kidding, nice build tho, hope you’re gonna explain it a bit more :smile:[/quote]

I bred it with a fairy. :wink:
What parts can I explain more? Something I missed?
I have videos of gameplay, but I can’t get them uploaded.

I experimented with that on a pet. Since bleed chance is from a skill and not a constant affix, hp isn’t receiving the boost. The healing part is unreliable at best as well, not something I would like to rely on.

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Excuse that, played a bit too much Diablo II back in the day!

       CCWB - Cookie Cutter Whirlwind Barbarian



By explainations I would say “videos” actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Got one. First post updated with gameplay video.

I dont think build like this is usefull for others. how many obsidian stones it toom for you to do this. Players who started after 1.8 release will be shocked by this

Really like this Rubik, great job :smile:

It usually takes about 12 to 15 to get a full set of the right ones. Sorry to newer players, but some people have played for awhile, and have the fruits of their labor to show for it. :smile:

If you think this is not useful, then sadly you have missed the entire point of this build. And that was, things can be done other than the conventional, accepted way to do so. A vast majority of people say that Ice is the only viable end game element. Look at the Warrior builds, and 9 out of 10 are Whirlwind or Spell Sword, because those are the best. I disagree, so I set out to prove it. End game is entirely possible without “OMG my build does 500B dmg!”

I was able to use Crystal versions of affixes here, but replace them with standard epic versions, and the theory behind it would still hold true. Builds don’t work just because they have cyan colored affixes. If you read all of the descriptions, then you should have noticed all the synergy listed between everything. It’s more than “I have crystal affixes, I win!” But thanks for mentioning it, because that’s my next project. :wink:

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it would be much better if you could make a viable build using only Legendary items.

i am not saying this is wrong for all the builds we can imagine, but for most of them it will be wrong. For Example, if you want a build based on high crit chance and high attack speed it would take 3-4 affixes at least to reach the same meaning fo each. I mean if a player, who started after 1.8 will decide to get 50%crit chance it will take him 3-4 items with lets say 12-15%crit chance each. So just to reach those 2 (AttSpeed and CritChance) a common player will have to spend 6-8 affix slots. I dont think your build will be as good as it is shown if you replace your items with Legendary items. THis can be a good example of where a player can get to… but it’s definately not a build as an example…

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Got one. First post updated with gameplay video.[/quote]

I know that I can be a real douche sometimes but no numbers on your video, mind updating it with ? :mrgreen:

I knew you were gonna say that! :smile:
I can, but there are no numbers for a reason. All those numbers cause lag, and severely hinder my ability to see. Avoidance is crucial to surviving, and you can’t avoid what you don’t see coming. :wink:
I’ll make a shorter video so it doesn’t take so long to upload.