[Build] Rogue - Flash Farmer - Max Gold Find, Item Find, Luck, with Crystalline, Eternal and Nadroji Set Affix, Mythic 3 Level 500


what’s the best way to do heroic skills?
cant seem to find any information on it.
any advice would be appreciated.


Place it in the skill that you used the most, and then put in fortune if you are farming and haven’t maxed out your luck/goldfind/itemdrop, do that according to your build(right now i have only like 15/20 fortune, since my build has like 25 fortune or something along that line.
After that, see if you want to put in second skill, and potentially third, and see if you want str/dex/int in order to fill up your max cap of a certain stat, such as dodge from dex, if you want wanted more hp or mana, then go for str or int.

So basically, your heroic skills will depend on your build, and I also want to add that Heroic skills do not affect PvP at all, only for dungeons(PvE).


How did you get momentum on chest I’m close to makeing the necklace instead off luck got Gold find on it that be ok?


Yes its fine as long as you get all the needed crystal affixes they can be on any item you use


Loot or craft with crystal with a warrior item, and then add the momemtum onto the chest item with Amethyst, after that jasper the chest item to rogue class.

The 225% gold find is interchangeable, you can have the 225% luck on your other items, would depend on what affixes you already have. If you have another 225% gold find then, you will most likely have to re-roll to 225% luck.


Thanks a lot mate this is what I have so far

What build for a new player?

You already have 1x luck and 1x gf so you should be fine for that. And you already have Momemtum in your pet, so you won’t need Momemtum again.


Sweet I work on geting the other stuff now :smiley:


Is there a way to take weaken off my trap with out loseing the green affix on it


Yes but it’s risky. You can remove it with the crystal that removes random number affixes from bottom to top. You can remove weaken and keep green affix but you will loose everything that’s below weaken too.


That’s fine as remaking trap just font want lose the green affix :stuck_out_tongue:


But keep in mind the crystal have a chance to remove all affixes also. It’s s gamble. You decide if you want to take the risk :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s true :stuck_out_tongue: I hunt for another trap I think hehe


Wouldnt change the trap , could be useful in another build with the defiant weaken and 100% element dmg


I keep it for another build:)


As I have monentum on my pet what sud I put on the skilled chest


Wow first try on floor420 and get this :smiley:


Maybe rage could be useful to max out crit dmg


Ok will try that out :slight_smile:


Hiya I was wounding what you put ur hero points in too for this :slight_smile: