[Build] Rogue - Flash Farmer - Max Gold Find, Item Find, Luck, with Crystalline, Eternal and Nadroji Set Affix, Mythic 3 Level 500


Is rage any class?




Thanks was not sure wasted Cople crystals lol


Hey guys, I just started playing today. Maybe you can answer my simple question?
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I just started today, and I saw some video about the Rogue Flintlock Build (Is it correct?)

Mine is only releasing 1 bullet. How to make it to 4 or 5 bullets?
Just like the Video of this guide? (Hope someone can teach me)


Multiattack +2, can be added by ruby or by a zenith mythstone or can be found on sone items like nova (ring).


http://sendvid.com/hc4f0l9s this is my farm build copy off this build close to being done :smiley:


Looks nice. Maybe adding one crit damage affix will boost your damage by a lot because you hav high critchance and you would get more benefit from rage


Yep got add that to trap :smiley: still working on trap and then I’m done for build ^~^


What’s about blinkstrike + discordance + 30% elemental crit? Jump from crowd of monsters to crowd, probably it’s hard to kill only one mob, but farming will increase in some times.


Hey guys im new to forums so idk if this goes here i see that to start getting the good stuff i need eternalized pistol or crown or both my question is how can i get the pistol i cant kill the mobs past 350 m3 what build should i run to be able to farm the pistol??


I don’t think there’s any point in trying to make a farm build for that specific pistol. As far as I know there are no items that will assist you more or less untill you reach floor 350, so you might as well focus on a build that can survive floor 350 mythic 3 initially.

My recommendation would be to make a build that can farm higher floors, with as high a droprate and luck % as possible.

Another option would be to simply make a build that can farm floor 500 (any difficulty), with max droprate/luck, which will give you more crystals, which then again will make it easier to make builds or craft the pistol if it drops for you.

Don’t think you can make builds evolving around the set affixes ‘crystalline’ or ‘eternalized’ untill you are able to farm floor 350 anyway if that was what you where hoping for?

As far as builds to reach higher floors - it’ll be easier to recommend something if we know which class you’re playing?:slight_smile:



Also Arcanist +Ascendant for the win. Farming has gotten so much easier thanks to those sets. Even farming floor 1000 is a breeze .


@CuzegSpiked dude do you have any build for that … Im trying to combine epiphany, arcanist and acsendant… But im still farming for ephiphany…


Yes. It’s not that good but it just works.

It’s a hirling DPS farm build whilst main is purely farm build like fortune bringer. Hirling can have epiphany, Arcanist, Ascendant, possibly frozen/plagued, momentum, pathfinder, defiant, rage set, etc.

Crystal affix: 2x crystal luck although you can use luck nature as well and luck pet to save slot. 1x crit chance and some crit dmg as crystal affix . You can also add deadly strikes, dodge, some MP regen, etc. If you use attack speed build with epiphany bonus, that’s also fine with attack speed crystal affix and possible attack speed on pet or nature.

For mythic: well you can use cosmic orb/Arc/bombard; any Mh mythic you like using; an offhand mythic like enigma for some builds or vanish or none depending on build; chest mythic such as ruptured, brutal, Exposed or some reflect mythic for reflect build; resource mythic is up to you but some you can use are: Energy, possibly Discordance, fury, Equivalence, maybe blood magic or alchemy.
Ring mythic is usually not added but some possible ones can be drought for more MS %+, hunter mythic if you haven’t got hunter ascension but that’s usually a separate piece to the main gear.

Head mythic can be harmony, the mythic that give speed boost if you summon minions and maybe serenity but usually not worth using.

Amulet mythic is usually sanctuary but you can also use empyrean or maybe mythics like redirect.

Epic affix usually thing like 5000 WD, 5000 ED , maybe hp , extra talent, luck, etc.
Legend affix: main ones important are wd% to the weapon you using whether offhand or main hand. Also as much ed% possible. Usually 3 100% ED . Also affix like frostbiting for major dmg (this is called elemncrit in ruby crystal menu and this changes to blight, blistering, celestial and high voltage if you change element).


Missing a ring with plagued, then I’m done with this build - weeee:)


I think frozen is a better choice though in terms of multiplying dmg and it goes well with Arcanist. Also it less likely to create zombie, especially without taunt and aftermath. It’s your choice though. Good luck.


I’ll do some experimenting as soon as I have the currensy to do so:)


Farm farm farm. Spend 1 or 2 hour farm everyday. Usually with fast farm build to do 5 mins per floor. Good luck regardless. Even if you don’t have such time, 30 mins farm is nice. Also PvP chest help a lot for legend you looking for. Converting eternal help a lot too.


At the moment I am able to farm floor 500+ with both my warrior and my wizard as a main, with ranger on dps build.
Trying to make this build to be able to farm faster/change around when I get bored of looking at the same animations.

My next goal is definately to farm enough currency to tweak a pvp build.
Just need to find a build that makes it fun;)


I see. That’s good idea. Well I do think of changing my farm build every x amount of months. I used the fortune bringer with aftermath wizard for ages and I have gotten bored of it. Now I’m thinking of using flintlock rogue or discordance rogue farm build with a powerful interesting warrior build and swap it around with an interesting wizard as well. I mean as long as you find it fun, that’s what matters.