Build: Rogue Permastealth with discordance,multishot and crushing flames

So this is the final version of a build I recently posted.

We need:
7 crushing flames
6 demonic
1 inferno
1 epiphany
75% cooldown reduction for perma stealth
+40 stealth for perma stealth
Tons of blistering
Lots of + fire damage
Lots of immolate
Lots of execute damage
Relentless talent for more damage at low enemy hp
Fletcher talent for more bow aps
75% attack speed to get bonus from headpiece
A ton of mp regen and RCR to spam multishot with minimal mp loss
Discordance for multishot
75% crushing blow
90% weaken (you can sub this for ignore resist)

Daggers are ambered to multishot.
Bomb is ambered to stealth.

why this build works:

As an enemies health gets lowered by crushing blow, it will begin to reduce the damage of crushing blow to where the enemy will begin to regenerate health faster than crushing blow will kill it.

This can be prevented by stacking immolate damage and execute damage. The relentless talent will help increase damage as the enemies hp gets lower, as well as the demonic set effect.

Wizard can do this damage much faster, but the addition of perma stealth will allow us to safely chip the hp away with little concern of dying. If we want we can also put empyrean on the amulet, but it isn’t necessary.

While being a very low on-paper dps, don’t be fooled, youll be incinerating enemies in no time. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:.


This looks great!

Thanks for sharing your build @Hida77.


Just checking your attack speed for epiphany bonus and you have scraped through by a hairs width. Well done @Hida77 :grinning:

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