Build to reach your dream floor

This build is for all class . I wonder if I could really help DQ players in this build . Should I post this build ?

-1hitcombo carto

  • high flexibility

  • low rate to die
    -1hit all small enemy
    -solo hiking no need for hireling
    -I wonder if floor is infinite maybe also the floor can reach this build too

    Note: you gain all the benefits above if you know exactly how to use it

Can I share this build ? I’m asking coz dq player is genius gamer . Maybe you already knew this build


You could share it private message to me.

Ow :boredparrot:

Why not?! It might give everyone especially new dq players with new ideas for their build :grin:

Yeah your right :slight_smile: I’ve been kick to a group in Facebook because of this build . They think this build is edited :frowning: any suggestions to dq tester over here ?

Posted :joy::+1: