Build wizard or not?

I have another question … I’m on the 111th floor and the question is whether to look for and build a character and whether to enter the challenge maps, what exactly do they give?

challenge maps are more Items, more Crystals, more Mythstones etc. the higher floor you go, the more unique legendary items that will spawn, and at floor 500 and above, only the kyanite crystal and above will spawn

  • you can only play the normal story up until floor 200, after that, its challenge maps

as to what you should build, just play what you find fun… best way to play a game is to have fun right?


Challenge Maps have from 1-6 Map Affixes. the more affixes, the more Loot and Experience, compared to the Normal Campaign Maps… most Map Affixes make monsters more powerful in some way, so that means it’s harder to get that extra Loot.

also, there is a Cartographer at the end of Challenge Maps, at the Green Dot, who drops a Challenge Map for the next higher floor.

there are Feats, that when finished, cause the Cartographer to drop a Legend Map (which has a small chance to be an Eternal Map) which have only Loot Affixes.

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