Exp build mythic 3 500 floor

Exp as in you’re trying to rank up a character, or exp as in an experienced player’s build?

Exp to acend fast

Then my 1st recommendation is to not ascend at 500 M3. Floor 100 will be just fine, unless you are also trying to farm top tier crystals and mythstones.

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Here’s a build I cobbled together from items I already had laying around for my new wizard I am ascending:

Obviously not optimized for either farming or ascending, but pretty fair at both. You could swap out some affixes here with Quest mythstones for more experience, but at 500M3 you need a fair bit of damage, and I don’t have a problem with ascending slowly, as I already have 4 fully ascended toons and I’m more interested in farming crystals and pets.

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Yes, after floor 100, there is no gain in experience. Also, killing the most enemies the fastest will hapoen between floors 100 and 200.

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Why it’s written 6 nadroji if you’re only using 2 can you explain to me how

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Nadroji ring and amulet include a +2 sets affix. The only other item that has this is a rogue Frightening Choker.

The Eternal version of these have +4 set affixes.

You can create your own by using the ultra rare Elixir mythstone.

+4 is the cap, and it’s what most builds will include.

2 Nadroji items and +4 sets = Nadroji (6)



Thank you


Also, there’s a bit of a trick to rapidly getting your newly ascended character back to level 50 as quickly as possible so you can put your gear back on them:

Once your character is level 99, DO NOT automatically ascend. Instead, use the main menu to go to level 100, then purchase a map.

Use larmiar until you get the pack size affix, then use diamond to get it as high as possible (150 is max). Open this map with your ascending character as a hireling. ONLY THEN, go to shop and click the ascension button. You should be able to get your newly ascended hireling up to level 50 quite quickly this way. One map is sufficient for this until you reach legend (red) ascension.


I used 1 character as the Main and the Ascending Character as the Hireling with only level 1 or 2 equipment. the best thing about doing it this way is you can start getting Exp on floor 100 right away. and you only need the one build for the Hireling. it takes some thought for the right affixes (had a mix of affixes & mythstones with all 6 Quest stones for exp bonus), since the Items are level 1 or 2, because you don’t want the Hireling to die a lot, just a few times when it can’t be helped.

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Use epic maps, with the highest map XP bonus you can find; epic actually goes higher than legend, and with pack size, magic/rare enemies, and enemy affix, it’s significantly better. My trick, is I just summon my skull shield before ascending, because once summoned, it doesn’t matter what equipment you have, it keeps the same stats after ascending. Then use 6 zircon and quest to get the max item XP bonus on your new items. I can easily clear an entire map, and with that I’ve actually gone all the way to level 50 on one go, though it was at lower ascension. It likely won’t be as much at higher ascension levels, but it can still be a pretty good boost.