Builds 400-600+?

Hey guys !
So I’m new to this forum but not New to this game :3
Indeed, I need your help to make a New build…
I’ll add pics of my builds later (I run mostly with rogue and warrior). I use to farm with elemental crit but my build is truly weak… I’m under 12000hp lvl 99 so I have not to get Hurt by the mons but I can kill them really fast… But it’s getting harder and harder so I’d like you guys to help me by giving me simple build examples that could make my characters strong enough to farm F500+ (I am at 563 but it’s hard xD) in order to farm crystals mythstones etc to make my own build and get strong in arena too.

I am sorry for taking your time with my matters and my bad english (I’m french) and I truly hope you’ll help me ! :3

Cheers !

From the guides section:

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Thanks bud !
Anyway I’m still listening for other ideas !

@TWCheese try green garden build from the link of compendium build he post its pretty solid use full on the floors u mention

but if u wna make ur own build (just a suggestion)

im using bow in this build but you can revised it with ur own choice of mh wep or build)

get atleast 300% elemcrit dmg/elemcrit 30-50+% .

affix that gives dmg boost u should use
adventurer-good in clearing maps great ms and dmg boost
defiant- u can change this if u need to replace other set affix (25%dmg inc)
masochism- good combined with defiant
frozen- not a dmg boost but it is my fav affic in the game. if u got problem with 100%+ pack size map this is the solution. i highly suggest this affix to you. im on 1900m3 flor atm but the boos stil dies in 1 explosion lol u just need to gather the mobs around it then let it xplode. booom

2x glasscannon
1xpush limit
100%ed 2-3x
explosive- great affix clear mobs faster
100%Wd - a must in this build if u gonna use frozen and explosive
ignore resist
multi-attack -(4) - i u gonna use bow/dagger (auto attk build)
15%ms 2-3x
energy - this is my fav resource system in the game ur dmg inc base on energy % u got but u can keep 100% energy all the time w/ mp on hit affix
barbarian - good dmg boost but i dont recommend it if ur gona use push to the limit and energy

u dont need hp tp survive if your a rogue …just get lvl30-35 stealth w/ 45% cd reduc or deadly arts ( chance to reset cd upod doin deadlystrike)

usefull crystal affix. crit, crit dmg, deadlstrike, crushing blow(a mandatory to have if ur gona climb 1000+ flor makes ur life easier)
dodge - good dmg boost on pathfinder
cd reduct- for permanent stealth

hope i did give u some usefull idea GL

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Yep you gave me helpful ideas, thank you ! I’m gonna do my best to make a good build strong enough to allow me going higher and higher in the floors ! :3

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