Calculations - damage reduction need posting

there are so many Players here that are good in Maximising The Damage . But I didn’t see Posting Calculation for Maximising Damage reduction.

Yes. Lemme give an example of what I already know.

Let’s add Fauns Gift , Plagued, all shock resist on armour , Vampiric Touch , Battle mage and Defiant.
Also Shieldwall /skullshield or a bit of both in wizard class. Maybe let’s also add equivalence too.

This isn’t the most realistic scenario but it’s just one example I’d give.

A typical player may add crystal armour which is around 1700 AR.

Shock resist on all gear including pet and trophy is about 60 shock resist.

Since we have battle mage, this armour will get multiplied by 60% and plagued will multiply this by 75%. This at (3) in PvP.

1700×1.6= 2720. 2720×1.75= 4,760 AR final.

Now let’s calculate: Say a player deals 10k damage as an example.

10000-(10000×4760÷(4760+20×1000)= 8,077.5444264943 . This alone was 25% reduced damage. Of course 20% AR Piercing can affect it but it’s still good with or without. The +20 is the enemy level and since the enemy level is 20 in PvP, that’s why it’s +20 for both formulas.

Now for the shock resists. 60 shock resist. Then Fauns Gift and CV (Cerebral Vortex) buffs this . It hurts all resists but this includes the shock resist anyway and since players of shock element will attack, this will be a substantial difference.

Both increase resists by 12.5% per rank. This is 37.5% at (3). While I’m not really an expert at this and I may not even be correct since if it increases all resist, would that make shock buffed too. I think yes.

Now let’s also include the crystal affix which would give 150 all resist in PvP…

60+150= 210 shock resist. The rest of the resists will be 150 but we will be focusing on shock.

210×1.375= 288.75 shock resist. 288.75 × 1.375= 397.03125 shock resist. (gains gift and CV)

Now there are other variables but let’s just count 397.03125 shock resist.

8,077.5444264943 is a reduced value of the initial 10k attack but it’s now gonna be reduced by resists. Weaken can reduce the effect but it’s still happening.

8,077.5444264943-(8,077.5444264943×397.03125÷(397.03125+20×100) = 6,739.6237963058 damage.

Now it’s almost 40% damage reduced after armour and resist calculation.This is 33% damage reduced.

Defiant: 6,739.6237963058× 0.85 (reduce by 15%)= 5,728.6802268599 . The damage is reduced by 15% but I decided to use 0.85 because it’s a shorter way of calculating 15% reduction.
Total damage reduced now is just over 40% now. Around 43% damage reduced from the initial 10k damage.

Shieldwall (conditional damage reduction since it’s not​ permanent.

5,728.6802268599×0.6 (reduce by 40%)= 3,437.208136116 damage.

Now this 10k has reduced to 3.4k now which is basically 67% damage reduced.

Equivalence (only triggered a few times , maybe just once at full HP and this attack happened on full HP).

Equivalence says it reduces damage by 60% but I think it’s actually 50%.

3,437.208136116×0.5= 1,718.604068058 damage.

10k into 1.7k. Around 83% damage reduction. It’s temporary as the total permanent damage reduction is actually 43% and even more when defiant at low HP. maybe a bit less due to ar pierce or weaken sometimes.

If skullshield worked with Shieldwall and this is basically 10% damage reduction per skull so 30% total.

1,718.604068058×0.7 (30% reduction) = 1,203.0228476406.

Finally this damage has been reduced to almost 90%, albeit it’s not permanent damage reduction but 43% average damage reduction in this example.


The formula I used in dictionary for resist and AR (The result varies hugely from PvP and campaign PvE maps).

What you write in calculator for resist and I’m surprised I remember the formula off by heart lol.

Damage after armour = damage - (damage× Armour ÷( Armour +enemy level+ 1000).

Damage after resist= damage - (damage× Resist÷( Resist +enemy level+ 100)

Similar formula but the 1000 is reduced to 100 in the ending.

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@CuzegSpiked u tha. Maaaaannn!!!

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Thanks :slight_smile: . Man it paid off investing effort to learn those formula and then learning to make damage reduction builds got easier. I had that motivation to create the frustrating build like Mandelbrot paradox warrior .

I also wanted to share damage Reduction since it’s hardly ever shared. I only learnt the formula after steigerbox shown an example as the dictionary one was kind of confusing.
Since you asked for it, here you go!

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Dude ur freakin smart hahaa i really admire you!

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Yeah! Also Midlumer , Clogon , Mr Scooty, Cronos and Griffin are really smart too and they helped me in many ways to learn and grow and I did as much effort to learn everything there is on this wonderful game.

I’m a completionist when it comes to most games after all and I like being smart and good at somewhat complex games with so many combos.

I also like sharing knowledge because it’s inevitable that I may eventually go from this game so the last best thing I want to do is share everything I learnt and tried to learn like I learnt from others . Still I’m gonna play a bit longer because I haven’t seen many games like this.

Someday I see more smarter players next year.

Thanks for admiring me. I always wanted to be admired :smiley: . I never thought I was a pro or even that good but I work hard to be the best and help others be great to leave an impact .


Thats awesome man just pure awesomeness!!!

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Cuzegspiked sure is awesome.

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