Camera View Option

Would be nice if you can add camera view option. Just saying.

Also render distance option to reduce or Increase it. Maybe to reduce lag or increase view on things. Although larger screens give larger render distance in general on this game it seemed.

Yes. Rendering the distance also gives you almost a full view of the dungeon. So you won’t be lost (buying reveal map everytime).

And also seeing how far the bullet can travel.

Lol. Or reducing your field of view so much to reduce lag potentially and give a wonderful trippy experience.

I noticed it too. In almost all of the game when you reduced the camera view it also decreases the lag.

Yep. It’s because the CPU and GPU have to work less hard and less to render. Many games have this feature for that reason to accommodate for laggy pcs , phones or just lower end systems in general. Makes old hardware handle what otherwise couldn’t normally be handled or medium end hardware.

Reducing FoV could be ok in DQ or even increasing it for people who can handle DQ better so more vision or have PC. Who knows.

Increasing the view of the camera, seeing more details of the game itself. And maybe a way to pan your camera, left and right.

Lol that would be interesting.

i like it to play dq on other camera angle

I dont think i have seen one game in over s decade that someone wants to change the view in. Lol.


Yes. Just like how RO works. I think it could be implemented.