Campaign Improvement

Pickup radius need improvement. i think this affix should effect hound and imp because imp will not loot item at edge of wall. also the hound should have this same effect too because when u run and some pile of gold left behind the hound will not loot it. it just follow player around.

+AoE radius. this affix not popular at all. since i dont see any player actually use it in pvp and pve as far as i know. so i guess this affix need some buff, like maybe effect fairy, if hireling near main toon when main toon healed by fairy, hireling will be effected too.

another idea, ive read some thread about idea for co-op. as we need to hire them (other player toon) as it say hire, mean the owner of toon should get benafit too. like maybe the gold used to hire and maybe 10%-20% gold looted on map will be given to that player through server sync after leave map.

as hire/rent coop like that is posible, i think dev should add another icon beside mail and inbox. maybe a bank + toon for rent/hire.

For bank, this is where the place player can collect their gold from renting toon.

Rent, this is where the place for player to set their farming or climbing set and sync it to server,

hire: this is place for player to hire toon that other player sync to server.