Campaign Leaderboard Error

Whenever I try to view “Campaign Leaderboard”, I go to any of the more specific leaderboards, I get an error.
E.g. I go to “Campaign Leaderboard>highest dps”, I get a “Leaderboard Status Error, please check connection [-3]” popup
first time it happened to me. For the past few days the leaderboards were working fine for me. How to solve this leaderboard status error thing…?

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. We will take a look into this issue.

I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Android version 5.1.1

After installing the version of Dungeon Quest, when trying to access the Campaign Leaderboards (e.g. “Campaign Leaderboards>Highest dps”), it says “New Version of Dungeon Quest required to login!” This is puzzling because I already am using the latest version of Dungeon Quest…

We will fix this issue as soon as possible. Please be patience.

Leaderboard should be working now.

Yep it’s working now. Thanks Refia~!