Campaign leaderboard - PVE - not working

Nothing appears on my Campaign leaderboard - PVE. I click, they not appears. I want look my own Dungeon level…How may i change this? Ty.

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I just checked all of the Leaderboards, and none of them are working. I moved post to Support to hopefully speed up answers and/or solutions from the Dev’s.

the DQ Cloud Save is working, so that is a good thing.

We have to get an update out for DQ soon. It is a…challenge to say the least. We are working on it and hope to have it fixed shortly!

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Thanks for the response! I feel bad that we love the game so much it is causing the Dev’s trouble, but not that bad… :wink: . Do your best!

Oh no its not trouble like that, we really appreciate folks still like DQ.

We know folks love the game and want updates (believe me…we WANT to update the game) but our only real option here is to remake the entire game in a different engine and that takes time :joy:


well, even I know that technology has moved on from where DQ had it’s start, and that that means some changes. someday, you might have to start over and create the DQ 2025 version of DQ! this isn’t the only game affected by the Technological March of Progress.

one thing I like about DQ is that there is so much to do, and I keep coming up with new ideas for Builds. right now, I’m learning a lot about Rogue Flintlock with Ricochet, which for some reason is making me think of Wizard Wand and Barrage. oohh!!! I just had a great idea for a Wizard & Rogue Team with Barrage & Ricochet tearing up the Map!

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Im personaly a fan of discordance twister duo.

I miss seeing myself atop the Legends found leader board.

Whenever I get down on myself, it’s nice to see that I’m a legend at something. :rofl:

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Can you please chill out a bit? Your advertiseing is starting to get anoying.