Can I get 200+ items ON regular floor 200(no map)

Nadroji chest for example. Do I need to farm maps above 200 or will floor 200 regular work?

Thanks in advance!! // newb

Edit: Another question totalt irrelevant to the first, do the hero points into skills such as stealth work in arena?
I’m thinking of farming for another arenaspecific character but don’t wanna farm all those points.(I don’t even know the limit of these :smile:)

Hero points surely work in Arena too :smile:
As for the other, try to use a place and difficulty when you can oneshot or twoshot the trash mobs. Faster farm = Better farm.

Well I can do that on atleast early m3, can do more if I mod more blight. I was just curious, I like regular floor too sometimes :smile:

Okay, so about the hero points, what’s the max amount and how do u reach it quickly?

Ummm… You can’t do that quickly :sweat_smile:
Just play along and you’ll reach Hero Level 99 sometime down the road…

Just play and play and play.
You will finish feats at the same time, and you’ll reach lvl 99.
lvl 99 = hero points bar

Ah okay, so no point making separate character for arena then, would lose out on so many points :smile:
Thanks guys!


Talents do they count in arena? I’m just wondering. Even thou I don’t play much arena. Thinking about trying it again thou. I’m in rare league as of now I’m sure you guys have raped my chars there. Hope y’all least use some spit first lolz.

Heroic skill rank doesn’t count at arena

I’m confused. So basically I can make a new char, level it to 99 and be on same ground as everybody else? Heroic rank and skillpoints such as dexterity and Guided shot dont do anything in arena, is this correct?


Well thats new to me.
Guess i’ll invest in a new branch…
Poison :smiley: