Can i make the # of the green affix thingy?

can i make the # of the green affix thingy? for example, the (1) ballista can i make it (6)ballista or higher? thanks :smiley:

use the legend affix 2+ all sets from nadroji jewellery or use the elixir mythstone.

The cap is 4+ all sets ( 2 elixir mythstone on amulet and ring or legend affix all sets).

To get ballista (5) though, you place 1 ballista, 1+ (capped 4+ all sets) = (5). This is a way to get the most of a set affix and free up space for many many more set affixes.

To get ballista (6) , place two ballista affix on gear , ballista (2),+ (CAPPED ALL SETS) = ballista (6)

ok thanks <3 im just new in this game

your welcome :blush:

i have another question is 6 the highest number? :smiley:

no, (8) is the highest number but you need at least 4 affix slots for the set to have (4)+(capped all sets)= (8).

Its not worth going to (8) because it take up too many affix slots for other extremley useful set affixes. Set affixes are ultimate power on gear. Instead its worth having 7 set affixes at (5).

Also set affixes that cannot go to (8) is crystalline, mythical, eternalized, defiant .

so you can use elixer mythstone to increase rank of any set affix?

Elixir will increase all set values that are equipped,so yes

ohh okay thanks so much ilove u guys <3


You need two elixir mythstone to get the capped all sets, one on ring, one on amulet.

Alternatively, you can try to collect nadroji ring and nadroji crystal (amulet) at floor 100+, using this guide here:


btw last question :smile: can i change the set affix? xD

Yes, remove it first via Kyanite then use Amethyst.

ok thank you :slight_smile: cuz im trying to make same item i saw on youtube xD <3

Good luck with that :smile:

Also read this crystal crafting guide to help you on your adventures:

As I said good luck! :blush: