Can i please get out of the banned league?

A few months back i was put in the banned league and was told I can’t get put into the normal league unless i show transaction id’s to purchases which i dont have. I never did anything wrong and now i cant enjoy the game how i used to :frowning:

Create new account. About the purchases you will always have them if you really paid for them.

If you really paid you can go to Google and search for Google wallet and all the things you have buyed is there that’s if you got the game from play store

i dont want to have to make a new account. i have many good items and ascensions

If you can’t show them transactions, then make new account, specifically for pvp. Keep old account because you can’t really delete old account actually. Old account you can use for pve with all that hard work spent on your builds safe, along with ascensions safe. Play the new account on new device if you want to buff it up and use it for pvp without being in banned league and old account on old device. If you only have one device, you can upload to save progress on old account, clear data, then sign in to new account maybe. If you do get your new account to same state as old account, you don’t really have to keep old account as much. This is just some advice I came up with just now.

Nice advice—

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