Can i use this account for my dq account

Hi guys can any one say that if i can use this account for my dq account

dunno what you mean… can you login with this name on forums? no

can you use the same email… yes

the DQ forum account is separate from the Dungeon Quest account through the game.

Ok tnx

but the email i can use?

And how can i verify my dungeon quest account because every time i will log in it says “this account is not verified yet”


You should have an email from us telling you how to verify that account. Check your spam/junk folder for the email.

Ok but i send already three times but nothing replies

What email i should send this email or my email in my dungeon quest



Send an email from the account you wanted activated to:

I will use that email address to process your account activation. The email you send me must be from the account you are using for your DQ Account.