Can someone enlighten me

i have stone of nadroji + elixir stone it gives me +4 to sets then why when i put my offhand weapon and has a seven deadly sins talent the additional set is gone? also is it possible to make this a mythic item? how thanks

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first, lol, good question!!!

Seven Deadly Sins Set nullifies the +All Sets, so if you have even just one 7DS Set on your Equipment, you would need 2 Equality Sets to get Equality (2), even if you have +4 All Sets.

also, you can’t make Mythic Items with 7DS Items. the Penalty Affix can’t be taken off, and taking off the 7DS Set or Bonus would basically kill that item, because you would need to use Quartz, and that isn’t a good idea, and also not having the Set or Bonus will leave you with a really bad penalty you can’t get rid of.


It’s. true. It’s hard to craft a deadly sins set but it’s not a useless idea. You will learn a lot from trying the impossible :joy:

Maybe Merlin and 3 repeated sets on all gear ?

another thing is that each Seven Deadly Sin Set Bonus requires a number of 7DS Set affixes to be activated. I believe the lowest requirement is 3 and the highest is 7, for the Merlin Imp Pet. and any 7DS item you have that doesn’t have enough 7DS Set to activate the Bonus means that you will get hammered by any Set Penalty that doesn’t have a Bonus to nullify it.

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So basically the deadly sins set is crap .

:rofl: x 10!!!

as you well know @dickwad, most players who use 7DS use them for a Crazy Farm Build.

in PVP you only need half of the Set requirements to activate a Bonus, so there are some 7DS PVP Builds that are possible that should do ok. but since not many people have done any work on this, anyone who wants to go the 7DS PVP route need to do their own testing until there are enough Posts for anyone to use to make their own.

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