Can someone give advice for newbie perks?

I already ascension and im use perks dealer, then what should i choose in next ascension… cause dealer gives much better gold for early starter, thx

It depends what you want to do next. If power trough ascensions, then hunter and enshrined perks. If not, treasured and fortunate.

if ur a newbie and still hunting items and lacking of set build. fortunate or treasured would be best for you

Im choosing dealer aw… am i wrong now?

dealer treasured and fortunate are the best for newbies. some people tend to get fortunate first cuz it makes der farming easier some other people choose dealerr first to earn tons of gold for the nxt ascensions

Fortunate then Hunter for item :smiley:

And how to unlock floor above 200??

buy challenge map at shop

i use dealer now if i get another perks dealer will disappear or not ?

no it wont disappear

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Dealer then fortunate then treasured. Dealer for hirling with fortunate main, dealer after fortunate on main and then treasured on main.

Magic up til epic Ascension are fairly easy with time and 200% + EXP gain (even more easier with epiphany and 250% EXP gain but you need floor 600 and farm there at epic mode).

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