Can someone please explain arena ratings


Sometimes I gain 11 points after a fight. Mainly 10s or 0 . Sometimes 9.


there are a few posts on the subject, but my brain is a little fuzzy from figuring out my OH problem post. I also think there was a recent post about the rating system getting a little overhaul, but it was on the slow track due to the work being done on DQ2, I think. from my own experience, I get 10 points per win most of the time, and if I have a long enough winning streak, or defeat a significantly stronger opponent, I get 11 or 12 point for some of the wins. but with losses, I have been getting 10-12 points per loss no matter what my winning streak is. so I usually end up breaking even or a little lower in the rankings if I won 5 and lost 5.


I was 2 wins away from entering 2v2 eternal league this morning. I’m crafting a legend broken compass ring to include dauntless and equality plus damage to elites and the legend that allows double cast


I hope the broken compass can get fixed so you can find your way to Eternal 2v2 League.


If you facing enemy with high points that you u gain 11points above. But if you facing lower mr points opponent you gain 10 below. Thenk me leyter


Oh @Golem tested dauntless against a hard summoner today in arena. It work :sweat_smile:


@dickwad haha, this answers my pm to you. awesome to know this.