Can someone suggest some builds with whirlwind as a main skill here? and some links ty

I really need some help please just help me

Does this look good? It definitely works very well but unfortunately the video is gone :sadparrot: :frowning: . . Maybe this video is good enough?

With Arcanist+Ascendant, this can be much more potent or even alone without them is really potent. Also the build could do frozen version I can see as possible . It’s a very nice build.

Warning, it’s a bit expensive in crystals so you may probably have to save up a ton of crystals and get your farming toons ready first but you can learn quite a bit from this build.

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The only problem is that i dont havea hireling since i dont know the process of buying one in my country here in ph and i dont have a credit card.

pede ka bumili through TM mag regular load kalang :smiley: