Can we get a buff to the Pathfinder 3 piece bonus

I’ve noticed when making Multishot builds the ideal setup Is discordance/ hunger/ crushing flames /demonic/ angelic/ pathfinder/ epiphany

However, clear cast disrupts the APS of multishot, and even with the 3 piece bonus of pathfinder the damage output isn’t even close to one crushing flames affix.

it would be awesome if there was a way to make a non crushing flames variant of the build work.

I can get scattershot working to do about 20bil per hit, it seems unfair that most rogue builds get way overshadowed by guns.

if you look up my profile I have shared 3 builds but I really want to be able to make use of the 3 piece pathfinder bonus. Maybe I’m not aware of certain ways to make it work, multishot sith hunger uses so much resource anyway that it seems impossible to make it work

TLDR: how do we get multi shot to be viable without crushing flames