Can we get a list?

I would love a list of all the new stuff added. (I am sure I am not the ONLY one) Thank you! :smiley:

There already is a thread from a dev with the latest patch notes. Better look around next time :smiley: … tch-notes/

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Try to post only threads about “enchanting” in this section :wink:

That actually is not good enough. I need to know what stones do what. I am curious if there is a way to add sockets to any equips.

Is that good enough for you my lord?

Haha very funny Diieter :laughing:

Masterful good sir! Many thanks!

Any chance you have the crystal list as well? Sorry I couldnt edit my last post on my cell.

Epic! Thank you so very much for the links. See yall in PvP! :smiley: