Can we have a Discounted Selected Items on Store?

Hi developers of this game…

Can we have a discount on selected items like costumes? $14.99 is a bit high on some of the players here like me :joy: . Can we have discount even just limited offers so WE not rich kids can also enjoy pretty and beautiful costumes.

DUNGEON QUESTERS. Please help so the Admin of this game see this post.

Thank you. :blush:


Yeah imma DQ lover, Hoping soon the items have a limited edition discount.

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I agree . That would really help :slight_smile: . I’m no rich kid either lol.

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We must caught the attentions of the developers of this game… :blush:

I :heart_decoration: the Angelic and Fallen Costumes hahah… but the price is :broken_heart:

Yeah. Took me a while to buy out everything :slight_smile: .
Still this is the best game I paid on and the only game that I cared to pay for.

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@Griffin @Skaul @Clogon @tdaniel

If this message doesn wasting your time to look at please… thanks …

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More discount = more income.
More income = more update.

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Yeah a limited edition Summer Discounted items so many can buy it.

Yup. Let’s do a discount on the stashes for one patch and see how well this gets received .
Or maybe a discount on certain vanity pack like Demonic/Angelic or Fallen/Ascendant .

Then some others if they start existing.

I think it will definitely get well received :wink: .

They have done special bundles before. I think special discounts for a specific patch won’t work very well. BUT I am sure they can do something like by X item and get Y item via the mail.

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Yup this is something we have wanted to do, it just takes a bit of manual labor on our end to make it happen.

I will see what I can work up.


Thank you very much sir.

Awesome. Thank you very much :slight_smile: .

Omg prayers heard!!

Your prayers are always heard! Just not always answered for various reasons.

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Thats was a nice shot @Clogon :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Om hahahh