Can we remove Mythic skills?

Is it possible to remove mythic skills? I want to change my Skilled chest into Brutal. I tried to Kyanite but cant choose the mythic skill.

I think you have to use Quartz. Hope you don’t want to keep anything else…

edit: According to rubik (search for “Step 2. Mythic Affix”) it can’t be removed. That probably means with Kyanite, as OP discovered. Disenchanting with Quartz is the only option.

I’d ask support or something first, unless you don’t fear losing anything on the piece.

moxyll is right, using Quartz is the only way, but you’ll lose all of your affixes.

Craft another one is the best choise.

OK thanks…good thing found a new vaccus scipio bow…will make cosmicorb bow :smiley:

I thought its impossible to remove mythic skills so you have to be wise about which mythic to pick.

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