Can you change a set affix?

Once a piece of equipment has a set affix assigned to it, can you ever change it ?

yes you can change it first remove that affix but there is affix that cannot be remove

Right you are.
Iā€™d just like to add on which set affixes cannot be added by amethyst.

Set affixes that cannot be gained from amethyst crystal:

Defiant, Malestrom,Mayhem,Mashochism, Berserker,Smoke Screen,Epiphany, Seven Deadly Sins, Nadroji, Eternalized, Crystalline, Mythical, Gladiator and Cerebral Vortex.

Apart from the sets I listed above, everything else is available on amethyst. What is in common with these sets is that they are found at high floors, have difficulty requirements sometimes and some of them are rare legends or battle arena only legends. In addition, all are very powerful or very good in some way or another.

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Sorry for asking an obvious question, but if you can remove a set affix, how do you do that ?

Use kyanite on it