Can you change pet affixes?

So I’ve read Rubik’s Crystallography guide (found here), and learned a lot about crafting end-game gear. How about end-game pets? That guide doesn’t say anything explicitly about adding and re-rolling pet affixes, but I seem to remember not being able to use a crystal on my pet hound in-game.

But then in the guide compendium, I see pics of virtually perfect rolls on all pet affixes, so there must be some way to craft them just like equipment.

Can anyone help me out with this?

No, you cannot craft them. having perfect pet stats is just about luck.

Pet affix is random it cannot re-roll with crystal or whatever method, if u see any pet with all good affix then its the player luck.

For perfect affix (hit max roll) on pet, you need to train it, let say u already powerlvl it to lvl 100, the rest thing u need to do for max its affix is via feat “Save 3 pet from enslaver” when u collect 3 pet, ur current/equipped pet have chance to reroll not perfect affix to better one, u need to train alot until all affix is perfect rolled. epic pet-eternal pet all use same method to get perfect roll.

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