Can you give me certain advices on my build, please

Hello there cheerful community! Im quite new to the game, barely reached m3 500fl, with only 2 ascends on my hirelimg and one on my main toon. Ive already read some of the builds, but they look quite challenging for me and my current state… What i was wondering is how to maximize my dmg, to finish off mobs quicker, cuz with my current setup i do end up quickly taking off their healthbar to minimum 1% but the extra attacks needed i wish to be gone, cuz now im struggling with survivabillity at 500/m3. So i wasnt sure what im doing therefor im using my main as a hireling pure dps and my wiz to do the farm with rubbish gear. I will post my gear below. Ohand am i the only 1 who actually didnt had tge defiant pistol drop and had to use all my 2250dust in order to create one chuckles lol. Thx for the help in advance. Oh and i think ive messed up the build really, so please point out the direction (: much love, peace.
Also btw i know that the weaken on the ring is useless but im out of obsidians so far so i cant swap it with attackspeed, cuz i lack it alot… Thx tho.

And now the runner

I would take off the Ignore Resist and add an Epic +30% Weaken somewhere. you will see an increase in damage for sure.

the Permafrost Bonus wont activate unless you have 2 separate Items with the Permafrost Set Affix, so it’s just taking up space.

replace any +5000 Ice Damage with +10% Dodge. if you don’t get hit, you don’t die, and you are still damaging your enemies.

take off the Blind Resist and put +10% Dodge. if you don’t get hit, you don’t die, and you can kill your enemies instead.

Talents on Pets only work for the Class they are from. example, Prismatic Talent on Pet only works for Wizards.

I think until you get better gear, crystals, & myth stones from farming to improve your equipment, get your Dodge to +60% for both characters. this will improve your defense a lot. this will also give you time to not get frustrated and try out different affixes. don’t go past floor 510, just buy a Map from the shop for the same floor. if you still have troubles, go to a lower floor to farm until your build can be made better.

if you are interested in getting all 6 Perks, don’t worry about farming. just hang out on floor 100-110, put Quest stones on your gears for +200% Experience, and kill monsters until you have all Perks. (monsters experience stops going up at floor 100)


Thhank you mister Golem, sir. I was already a fan of yours reading trough all of the other stuff you have explained and helped ppl. I was wondering if cf is working with frozen and does it count the immolation as a working affix with the opposite element (ice)

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good questions.

Crushing Flames was nerfed as to how it works with Frozen Set in the most recent Patch. Crushing Flames (6) used to be instant kill for Normal monsters (grey/white), so if you had a mob near an Epic+ monster, the Frozen explosions from those kills did tons of damage. the Nerf was that CF (6) only drops a Normal enemies HP to 1, then you kill it, so Frozen explosion damage was based on that 1 HP. just use CF (5) to get the HP low, and your other damage will get the kill with enough damage for Frozen to still do a good job.

Immolation only happens from an Elemental Critical of a Fire Attack. if you have an Ice & Fire Build, and you have Frostbiting, if your first attack is with the Ice and you Freeze the enemy, the Fire Attacks damage will be increased by the Frostbiting, which means higher Fire DoT damage, which also means higher Immolation DoT damage.

you can have multiple, different, Element DoT’s (Debuff/Damage over Time) on any enemy. so you could have an enemy slowed by Ice, a bunch of Shock Debuffs giving extra damage, and Fire, Poison, & Bleed DoT’s all happening at the same time. if you have the Ascendent set, you also get the Arcane Debuff that allows Arcane Element to lower an enemies Resist, if you don’t have Ignore Resist on your Gears.

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Thanks alot, mr. Golem, sir! So now ive rolled the aetheral drain on my cap, do you recon i should swap that with a demonic peace for instance or can you advice me should i go for tge ascendet peace… Idk im quite stuck,… Dmg did increase greately, now i can almost see 100mils sometimes, but i still think i need some replacements. Should i go for ascended, or should i go demonic with hunger, and if i would do that what do you recommend to be replaced? Excuse my English and ignorance, and that thing that im taking off of your time to help me out… Peace and thx again! Much love.


Aetheral Drain cancels your MP Regen and replaces it with gaining MP every time you make an Elemental Crit, similar to MP on Hit. use it for awhile and see if it fits into your Build. even if it doesn’t, you will learn how it works and it might fit better with some other Build idea you might have. plus it boosts how much MP you have.

Demonic works great with almost any Build, but works really great with Crushing Flames Builds, as CF can get an enemies HP lowered to 25% pretty fast, and then Demonic doubles all damage done as soon as the HP is 25% or lower (Demonic doesn’t affect the damage of Crushing Flames or Crushing Blow).

Ascendent Set works well with many Builds. a big benefit for a Ricochet Build, for example, is with just one Skill, your enemies are getting hit by all Elements, and you don’t really need to use a second Skill for damage, unless you want to use another skill for some special reason, like Smoke Bomb for blinding and Dodge the next attack that hits you, or Teleport that helps give you maneuverability. for Wizards, Ascendent also goes very well with Amplify Talent, which gives a huge damage boost the more Element DoTs that are on an enemy.

Hunger Set keeps your MP around 50% (5000 if you have 10,000 MP), with the amount spiking up or down. any time your MP goes over 75%, you lose the bonus to Attack Speed & Cool Down until your MP goes below 75% again.

to be honest, as you get the Crystals to change your affixes, make some of the changes you are asking about, one at a time, to see how they affect your Build. it’s your Build, and if you make any changes that you really like, that’s great! if the changes don’t work well, you learned how something works that will help you with other Builds in the future, and might even get an idea to improve your Build in other ways.

glad to help you see your Build grow so much!


Okay. So recently i didnt had the time to play, but today i had an hour or so, 1 obsidian and few rubies, so thats what ive rolled so far, i rly like it and now im able to shred eceryth8ng within a sec or two at 570+ m3, so thx for the tips, mr. Golem, sir. There is just 1 thing that i havent read and im not familiar with and its regarding the pets, so if im using a slime on rougue it doesnt work, ir im miss informed idk, if u could advice me in that im gonna be rly greatful. Ok enough spam, here’s the new makeup.

Here’s my current pet

P. S: now im able to witness 250+ Mil dmg, which is amazing for me. Thx.

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change the +5000 Weapon Damage on MH to +100% Weapon Damage. but only if your Power is 34 or higher. you will be doing more damage that way. if your Power is 67 or higher, take off the +4975 Ice and put another +75 Crit Damage. this way any Crit Damage is 5x damage, and your Deadly Strikes are 10x damage.

right now you are doing (((BWD + Power) x 1.25) + 4926) x (2.181) +9975.
((BWD + Power) x 1.25 x 2) x (2.181) + 5000.

the 1.25 is your Flintlock Item Quality, the 2 is Weapon Damage %, +4926 is Weapon Damage +, 2.181 is your Elemental Damage %, and the +9975 and +5000 are Elemental Damage +.
as you can see, BWD with Power, especially if you put a lot of points into Power, gets multiplied by Item Quality and Weapon Damage %, then adds WD+. then that is all multiplied by Elemental Damage %, then you add Elemental Damage + last. then you do all of your other multipliers after, like Ricochet & Glasscannon. Explosive is based on damage up to ED+ then multiplied by anything else, except Ricochet, which only affects… you guessed it, Ricochet! with WD% of 100% or 200% & ED% of 200% or 300%, you don’t really need WD+ or ED+. if you have the space in your Build, then put WD+ on your MH, because that can get multiplied by ED%. ED+ doesn’t get multiplied by anything before it in the formula, only by any multipliers that come after, like Ricochet & Glasscannon, for example.

now, after I said all of that, Elements Set (5) gives you a 37.5% chance to cast 1 extra attack, with a 1 second delay (at least I think there is a 1 second delay), with a different Element than the original attack. since you are doing 7.8 attacks a second, and each of these attacks are casting 4 Multi Attack Ricochets, Elements Set is giving you 2.925 extra attacks every second (these extra attacks don’t give multi attacks, they are extra attacks just like the Multi Attacks are). the Elements extra attacks are probably lost in the crowd of all of those other Ricochets.

on the Masochists Fetish, when you get Obsidians, go for Crystal Crit Chance first. with Crystal Crit Chance, the base +10% Crit Chance every one gets, and 2 Death Natures (+2.5% Crit Chance each), you will have +60% Crit Chance, and can get rid of all the other Crit Chance on your Build and maybe increase your Deadly Strike from +10% to +30%. if you get Crystal Crit Damage instead, you can only take off one +75% Crit Dmg to open up a space and still have your maximum Crit Damage (a Crystal & 2 Epics). then you could only add one more Deadly Strike for +20%. still better than +10%.

you just might see 300 to 450 million damage. :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :astonished: :nerd_face:

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