Cant download my account

No download button. always upload :frowning:

You can only download if the file on you device is older then the one one server.

Basically, only if you need to reinstall the game.

This is to prevent download exoloit. Like using all your crystals and not liking the result, then downloading to get your crystals back.

Evolution or Extinction

Ryim~Rogue 99
RyimScaith~Warrior 78
Rym~Wizard 23
Riym~Rogue 58

The largest benefit (by far) is the reduction of server traffics on our end. Before we could barley keep up with the bandwidth demands which would result in time outs for users or aborted downloads in general. This allows us to maintain low server costs AND still provide a way for users to back up their user data.

Thanks bro. Now I understand :smile: Thanks a lot

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