Cant play

I installed game before patch 1.40, almost no crashes. After some time i updated game to 1.40, almost every time it crashed, so i waited for new patch bug fixes. 1.41 came out but i don’t received update message, i
didnt found game on google market, so i tried to do it trough website , i found out that my device is not supported and i can’t update or install game. But i still have a game installed. I want to play game further but i dont have conditions to - crash and not supported.
my device is samsung GT-S5300, my android version is 2.3.6
i know what i have weak phone, but i still want to enjoy game that i like,
so i have a ridiculous suggestion or i could get link to download before patch 1.40 game, or game could have graphis settings - game quality : poor, normal , best , so that game could support my device.

Your android version is too old, dungeon quest may crash on devices like yours. Try reiniciatig your phone when it occurs.


We are tying to do exactly what you are asking for actually. I have been trying to create a build of our game that from before patch 1.4.0 for all the players who have older devices. The issue we are running into has to do with the google market place. Email and I will see what I can do about getting you a one off build.

Thanks for playing, and sorry that you are having issues with the latest version of DQ

thanks for response , ill wait for more news about this

Shoot me an email to and I will send you an apk.

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