Can't view opponents stats on an item

Sometimes when I’m matched I can’t view all of the stats on items from another player. Sometimes it’s only a couple and other cases I can’t view any of them.

And no this isn’t viewing players before a match up. This is happening during \after matches.

Wuddup wid’ dis? Tis’ normal ye? :confused:

This means you are in Eternal Division now or fighting a player who is in Eternal Division. You cannot view your opponent’s gears in Eternal Division ‘unless’ the gear is Eternal (eternal trophy in your example). This is intended to keep competitiveness and to keep everyone from copying.

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Beat her ass then you can see his equipment .

I did and you can’t. She was relatively easy.

A one shot dead in fact. :joy:

This makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. I noticed it before the update so I figured it was intended. :sweat_smile:

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