A goodies patch… omgz so excited. My first DQ festivity. o.0


Still got it from new year for some reason :sweat_smile:


lol. nice


Halloween received two masks last year. What about this year?

Dq is a really great game! Wooot!

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Only in arena get some event reward?? Nc maybe I need to bring back my are gears on. Haha

Where can I read the upcoming event???

nope. free halloween vanities for everyone :slight_smile:

nothing been posted yet except this…

You’ll receive it after updating the game ?? Or what, how??

within the next week sometime… an update will be reeased.

just had a thought, will it be the week before Halloween, or the week after? either way, looking forward to the new vanities.

i dunno. but im gettin antsy in my pantsy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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heres to hopin patch is this weekend. devs have been pretty quiet. o.0

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maybe they’re afeard of their own creation. maybe the new Halloween vanities have gotten out of control, and the Dev’s are frantically trying to get control back.
an Epic Battle between DQ Halloween Vanities and The DQ Dev’s!
Who will win? What is the Fate of DQ? And will Dungeon Quest still be fun?
These Questions and more will be answered after Halloween! Stay tuned!

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Trick or Treat…

This is where the devs are supposed fill my candy bag with a copy of DQ2. :slight_smile:

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Check your inbox. Happy Early Halloween!


awsome-sause. woo hoo. Shiny Box <3


I already have those skins :frowning: