Whats the cap for luck and gold drop? Ty


  • the shop perk?

Plus the shop perk and my stuffs? Ayt?

yes + ascend

Ayt. So if i put crystal affix luck on my equip i only need 2 ayt? If i add yhr shop perk map and ascend


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Ty bro

It is capped at 650% for affixes
You get extra 200% with fortunate perk

So you can get at max of 850%, not counting bonus.

With set affix epiphany (5): Cap for affixes become 812%.
So you can get 1012% with fortunate perk.


Okay bro. I can have my epiphany on my ring ayt?

Im trying to build my farming build on my warrior. With Crystalline,2x Nadroji,ephipany and mythology. Issit fine? And was thinking abt 2x luck crystal affix, dodge, block, 2x gold find. Hhmm. What ya think?

If you aren’t wishing to make damage with this char, it is okay.

Well i kinda need i guess damage. Ayt? If i wan to farm floor 500 ateast. Hhmm

I use a similar set with only farming stats but I let crushing flames do all damage, I farm at floor 1000 with ease

How monay crushng flames u got on? Only 1?

Can u msg me the set? If u wanted to. So i can have an idea hhm

I use two, because +300% crushing blow is 100% HP of normal rarity mobs.
I can pm it to you later, when I do have time.

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Ty bro.