Capped stats

I found this on the shinybox webpage under release notes for v1.6. I’ve been looking for this information, and thought others may have too.
Capped Stats
Attack Spd – 60
Multi Attack – 4
Crit Chance – 60
Crit DMG – 350
MP Leech – 5
HP Leech – 5
Gold Find – 650
Luck – 650
Extra Attack Chance – 4
Dodge – 60
Block – 60
Item Quantity – 200
Move Speed – 25
Glasscannon – 100
Area of Effect Range – 10
Frostbite – 200
Explode on Attack – 2000
Mana Absorb – 40
All Skill Ranks – 12
Elemental Critical – 40
All Set Ranks – 4
Bleed Chance – 60
Experience Boost – 200
Crushing Blow – 60
Deadly Strike – 60
Elemental Weaken – 60
Cooldown Percent – 60
Talent Tree 1 – 12
Talent Tree 2 – 12
Talent Tree 3 – 12
All Talent Ranks – 12
Clearcast – 60
Reduced Resource Cost – 60
All Spell Procs – 20
Piercing Attacks – 60

I do have some questions though.

  1. All Spell Procs. I know that some of the spell procs like orb have a max of 25%. Is that a change in 1.7 or is there an “all spell procs” affix?
  2. I don’t understand the “talent trees”. I assume All Champion is one of those. Does that mean if I have +5 All Champion and an total of +10 All Talent, that I’m really capped at 12 on Champion?

Wow… I’m toast.

Attack speed capped at 60 and I’m at 134.1.
HP leech capped at 5 and I’m at 6.4
All Procs capped at 20 (need help on this one). I have 3 mirror image procs, 20, 18.7, and 22.7. These seem to not “stack” but multiply. I’ve had 3 mirrors on screen with me at the same time.

I assume the cap is all 6 gear + pet affixes total. Help me understand “all procs” though because I’m obviously missing something.

It’s on here on many other threads. The problem is that they aren’t all up to date.

Yep, once I knew what I was looking for, searching made me find other instances :frowning:. Silly me.

However, my question still stands about what the cap means since I read the other thread about GF != GFoG (Jewish something build).

Yeah, that’s the problem with search, its easier to find stuff after you already know what you’re looking for. :smile:

The caps include everything, any gear affixes, skills, talents, sets… everything. It’s all added together and capped. So an example, if there was a skill that attacked and boosted attack speed by 20% built in, and a talent that gave you 10%, you would only need 30% from affixes to be capped when using that skill.

I believe that talent tree 1/2/3 and all talent ranks are capped at 20 :smile:

capped at 12

Cap is +20 per tree.

Capped at 40

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[quote=“bdblynken”]Capped at 40

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Yeah, I forgot my + there.

I respectfully disagree.
From four +5 Berserkers…

Please pin this thread, really useful to know which stat cap how much :smile:

-may i just ask what are these talent 1/2/3 ??? :question:

Warrior, for example, has three talent trees: Champion, Defender, Berserker. Some people call them talent tree 1/2/3 for short.

Oh i see… thx! :smile: