Cartographer BUG found and fixed

So here I go. I found that if you have 2 maps of the same ilevel in the same inventory space bag/stash and open one the cartographer becomes untargetable. I use a wand mh skull oh setup. Storm does not hit. Barrage does though. I was able to reproduce this bug after the latest patch for about 4 hrs last night. During my runs i checked the options for auto target feature. It was there so i turned it off to see how it plays. Only my barrage didnt target enemys so i turned it back on. The bug vanished. Tried restarting my phone and still the bug is gone. Hope this helps having this issue. For the devs if you read this. Can this be turned into a map affix. Cartographer cant be targeted. I did enjoy dueling 1on1 with my wizard having to time my skull sheild and manually aim my barrage. I didnt get the chance to try out other weapon mh abilities to see if they did dmg during the bug because i didnt think to try untill after i turned auto target on then off.

Hmmmmm…thank you very much for the post! We will check this out on our end.

It back but in a different form. I was hunting for this bug again and found it but not with the reliable method as described above. This time i went back to floor 25 and grinded for a map. Not using the double map method. Got to ilvl 33 on a desert map and cartographer was untargetable. Then again ilvl 37 desert map. Then again ilvl 39 desert map. I havent had the issue with maps above 40+. Fyi I play on mythic 3. I thought it might have been a odd lvl issue but seems more tied to Act 2 maps. I will continue to monitor. I have mad my offhand skull with mirror image and its barrage hits the cartographer too. Other mh main attacks do hit so others should be able to kill it as well.

This time i have replicated this bug using 3 maps of the same ilvl 31 outside forest map and 32 outside forest map. First map was bugged then the other 2 were fine. Seems to only produce itself for me on ilvl 30-39 currently. I hope my info can be replicated found and fixed lol. Luckly I can kill the cartographer maybe thats what letting the bug continue since im spawning a bugged map from a bugged cartographer. I will try to keep track of my progress but its hard because im having so much d@□■ fun! Using a samsung galaxy s4 4.4.2

Magic map Ilvl 36 open forest had 3 maps of same ilvl first one opened. Had previously used a legend map before going to bed and today somehow got another 1 on the first map i opened. Decided to try gge auto aim trick. Turned it and left it off. Opened the ilvl 36 legend map lava and found a untargetable lair warrior who was peircing through my skull sheild. Lastly 4 ilvl 38 maps. 4th one opened to a open forest with a untargetable cartographer with auto aim still off.

I get this bug from time to time. Can’t figure out why it does it, but it’s becoming rather annoying. Last couple of legendary maps the cartographer was bugged, and i just got another on map 293. As stated above me, he’s hittable with the primary attack (not targetable though, and no bar with its health and talents), but secondary special attacks doesn’t touch it at all.