Cartographer Bug STILL EXISTS?

I am still semi-consistently running into Cartographers that can’t be targeted by my hireling (just stands there) nor will he take any damage from any of my spells except for Barrage (possibly all skills in the first slot are the only ones that will hit).

I haven’t seen any info on this though there was a thread, I think, a month or two ago that I posted in about this but to no avail.

This bug has been around since I started playing back in September or so.

Lots of topics on this, Cartographer seem to be all sorts of “wonky” right now.

Thanks for the info. Tapatalk isn’t as convenient to forum browse as just opening a web page on a computer :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. Tapatalk is wonderful for its ease of navigating and reading. But in just about every other way, lackluster. :smile:

I posted an extensive description of what causes the cartographer bug AND a short AND long work around

Hope it helps