Cerebral vortex

I know that you need something to kill ‘tower’ users (just stand and just shoot twister, orb, etc.) So you made cerebral vortex.
But I don’t think it’s good. I don’t like tankers. I like dealers. But after cerebral vortex open. We need to be tanky.
When we matched with powerful character,

  1. fight - face to face → die
  2. kill with cc → cerebral kills me

then how I kill them??? I die when I hitted and also hitting them!!!?? Just need to play tankers?? I do not think it’s funny arena with all players uses this
Rogue-Tanker: scalp and run with vault
warrior-Thanker: scalp and run with charge
Oh… it’s boring…

So I want cerebral vortex to change to appears after few second. Then we can hit and run away. Also we can punish ‘tower’ users. Also torrent is too big to avoid;;; would you change it smaller one…?
How about this? Shinybox?? :smile:

+I’m very happy at percentage of cerebral vortex proc decrease :smile: now I do not see screen filled with torrent

Agreed there are a couple more nerfs to CV in the works they have just proven difficult to implement as far as I am aware but they should be coming soon™ :smile:

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Ohhh!!! That’s nice!!! :smiley:
I’ll be more happier!!!

Yup! it should ideally deal much less damage soon enough :smile: and it will be incredibly nice when that day comes :relieved: we’ll be able to make so many more viable and unique PvP builds :open_mouth:

Yeah every build has CV I think its time for a nerf. Even mine :slight_smile: hahaha

Definitely :slight_smile:

Qustion about cv , does it work if i dodge the attack?

It should only function when you take damage as far as I am aware :slight_smile:

Does it consider as a reflect ? If i use a mythic redirect , will it now be possible to proc cv on dodge ?

No redirect only applies to reflect damage which is it’s own separate entity :smile:

Oh okay , seems my eternal cognition is a waste on my pve rouge . how about the +20 torrent will it counts even if im a rouge without torrent ?

Yes heroic skills should function regardless of class :smile:

Great, I’ve just found a CV item and you’re already going to nerf it -_-

Haha don’t worry it would be near impossible to make cerebral vortex bad ideally after the nerf it won’t restrict potential builds quite as much though :smile:

Lol I hope so, I’m trying to replace Aethereal Drain because I don’t like that 0 regen.

Yeah 0 regen suuuuucks and like seriously don’t worry spawning torrents on an enemy will always be powerful pretty much no matter what you do :smile:

Unless if it damages only 1 - 2 DPS :triumph:

Nope! Even then it would be strong it would serve as an amazing healing source :smile:

while torrent hitting the opponent. add epic affix 250 hp on hit. maybe it well restore hp on your hero plus harmony. :smiley: