Guys I have a question… I’ve seen lots of build of crushing flame and I’ve wonder why they always put 2 crushing flame inorder to get crushing flame rank 6… Do CF and frozen is good combination?


CF and Frozen is good at PVP and PVM high floors but i will never replace 1 slot of green affix for CF(6).


it is because of how Crushing Blow and Crushing Flames work. Normal Monsters (grey/white) take 25% of their current HP in damage when hit by Crushing Blow. so the lower a monsters HP, the less damage from Crushing Blow. nothing affects Crushing Blow damage except Crushing Flames.

Normal (grey/white) 25%
Magic (blue) 12.5%
Rare (yellow) 6.25%
Epic (orange) 3.125%
Legend (red) 1.5625%
Mythic (purple) 0.78125%

Crushing Flames increases Crushing Blows damage by +50% per Rank when the target is Immolated. also increases Immolate damage by +25% per Rank.

Crushing Flames (6) is +300% damage for Crushing Blow. a monster with 100 Health takes 25 damage with CB. 25 x 4 is 100 damage (from the +300% damage), which means an instant kill.


Thank you for the info


Btw do cf and fozen is a good combination?


it has been, but I think it has been nerfed? @Mr_Scooty , @tdaniel , or @SteigerBox have any info on this?

because CF caused so much damage, and can one hit kill Normal (grey/white) monsters with CF (6), at higher floors you could end up killing a whole mob of monsters just by kiting a bunch of Normal monsters to the Cartographer or any Epic+ monsters. at least, only if the monster died while Freezed by Ice and you also have Frozen Set. if the Frozen explosion killed a nearby monster that was also Freezed, and Frozen increases the Frozen Explosion by +25% per Rank, and it exploded, until the whole Freezed mob was dead, you could get some high damage output.

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