Guys I have a question… I’ve seen lots of build of crushing flame and I’ve wonder why they always put 2 crushing flame inorder to get crushing flame rank 6… Do CF and frozen is good combination?


CF and Frozen is good at PVP and PVM high floors but i will never replace 1 slot of green affix for CF(6).


it is because of how Crushing Blow and Crushing Flames work. Normal Monsters (grey/white) take 25% of their current HP in damage when hit by Crushing Blow. so the lower a monsters HP, the less damage from Crushing Blow. nothing affects Crushing Blow damage except Crushing Flames.

Normal (grey/white) 25%
Magic (blue) 12.5%
Rare (yellow) 6.25%
Epic (orange) 3.125%
Legend (red) 1.5625%
Mythic (purple) 0.78125%

Crushing Flames increases Crushing Blows damage by +50% per Rank when the target is Immolated. also increases Immolate damage by +25% per Rank.

Crushing Flames (6) is +300% damage for Crushing Blow. a monster with 100 Health takes 25 damage with CB. 25 x 4 is 100 damage (from the +300% damage), which means an instant kill.


Thank you for the info


Btw do cf and fozen is a good combination?


it has been, but I think it has been nerfed? @Mr_Scooty , @tdaniel , or @SteigerBox have any info on this?

because CF caused so much damage, and can one hit kill Normal (grey/white) monsters with CF (6), at higher floors you could end up killing a whole mob of monsters just by kiting a bunch of Normal monsters to the Cartographer or any Epic+ monsters. at least, only if the monster died while Freezed by Ice and you also have Frozen Set. if the Frozen explosion killed a nearby monster that was also Freezed, and Frozen increases the Frozen Explosion by +25% per Rank, and it exploded, until the whole Freezed mob was dead, you could get some high damage output.


What version of app that the Crushing Flames-Frozen is effective or painful before they nerf it Mr. Golem?

the most recent Patch is 3.1.2.

it looks like it might have been nerfed in Patch 3.1.1. @TeaCup noticed CB & CF instant kills of Normal Monsters wasn’t affecting Frozen Set, and there have been a number of Posts since then on this subject.

I did a test recently using CF & Frozen, and didn’t see any huge numbers that you would get using CF for instant kills with Normal Monsters.

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Uhmm… so below 3.1.1 is you can kill mobs instantly with CF Frozen combo?

CF (6) or higher can instantly kill Normal (White/Grey) Monsters. I believe the nerf was change to knock Normal Monsters down to 1 HP with one CF (6+) hit. that meant that on really high floors with 10 billion+ Health for Normal Monsters, killing a Normal Mob of 10 to 20+ next to an Epic+ with Frozen Set would kill them easy.

I believe the reasoning for the nerf by the Dev’s was that the only thing that should affect the damage of Crushing Blow is Crushing Flames. that means Frozen Set was kind of breaking that rule and thus unbalancing the game.

from what I gather, the work around for this is to just use Crushing Flames (5) so that your Normal enemies don’t only have 1 HP left, and kill it with your other attacks damage.

not sure where the Thread is, but one of the Players discovered that around floor 13k, or maybe a little higher, monsters have INFB Health. when using Crushing Blow, 25% of INFB is INFB, so instant kill everything with CB. it’s been around a year or two since that came out, so I don’t know if that is still possible or if the Dev’s fixed that. either way, you have to get up that high to find out.

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