Chakram in this meta

I’ve been thinking till now, Is it me or does Chakram “heavily” relies on stealth to be a reliable weapon??
Ever since 2.1 patch with that nerf with veil, it requires numerous slot space for it to work like it was before… I know Chakram is fun, it still does absurd damage, after seeing the mayhem project build.

But still, is there any viable build for chakrams to reach higher floors (where everything just one hits you anyway) without relying on stealth too much??

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Your other options are

1 chakram with blinkstrike skill or blinkstrike procs combined with Smokescreen
2 Chakram with smokescreen and proc build with mayhem or maelstorm set
3 Epiphay + pathfinder + smokescreen. That gives you 75% dodge blind and decent damage
4 Gunner type which I am using to kill mobs before you even get vision of them ^^


Thanks! :yum:
But what’s the gunner type supposed to mean?

Does Smokescreen procs everytime you cast your chakram or for every enemies hit???

smokescreen is a set affix. pair it with bomb proc. you can check my gameplay.

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